I Never Thought I Would Say This

I am sick to death of Brad Pitt.

I think it is lovely that he is trying to rebuild New Orleans. I think it is fantastic he is trying to adopt the entire third world. I think he is a really good actor.I think he is super hot.brad_pitt_funny_face

That being said – I’m sick of hearing about him. I can’t even buy groceries without seeing his face on every single tabloid in the store.

Can we all just take a break from Brangelina? Let’s talk about something else. Or someone else. There are other people trying to save the world too.

Aren’t there?

Please tell me there are other people helping out the less fortunate. It can’t just be the pretty people.

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  1. ummm…well, the kaiser took canned goods to work yesterday. does that count? he’s kinda pretty though. so maybe not

  2. The sad thing is that he even looks hot in that crazy picture. Sigh.

  3. Stephanie says:

    I will take Brad Pitt over UNFITNEY any day… seriously… just let her fade out………..like the white trash she is…
    OK Now i am off MY soapbox :)

  4. My husband is hot and does all sorts of charity work, so I don’t need no effing Brad Pitt.

    Can’t say I’m sick of Mr. Pitt yet though. He’s better than celebutantes and BritBrit and all the other trash-tastic tabloid-fodder.

  5. Ditto!

  6. This is how I felt about Julia Roberts back when her face was everywhere. I bet he’s sick of HIMSELF.

  7. Amen sistah. She sucked all the hawt out of him anyway.

  8. I hear he is hygienic challenged.
    and, it’s all I can ever think of, when I see him.

    I just wonder how bad he smells.

  9. I’ll never think of him the same way again now that I know he smells.

  10. I hugged a cancer patient when she was crying today. And bought a couple of over-priced poinsettias from my friend’s daughter’s cheerleading squad. Does that count as saving the world?

    (Though, I guess I AM one of the pretty people…so nevermind…)


  11. I hear he’s not taking off his clothes on film anymore. Pity.

  12. Amen!

    Yes, he’s pretty…. but I’m fairly certain that he’s smaller than me — I’m not a big woman.

    Does everyone forget that he left his wife for this other woman?

    And, yeah I know they are adopting all these orphans and that’s nice and all — but they’ve got 4 kids and I always see pictures of the two of them out with one or two of them — where are the other two or three? I mean… I can’t go to the bathroom without the two kids following me in there and I can’t remember the last time I was able to go to the mall without both of my kids…. are they raising these kids? or is the hired help?

  13. I know exactly what you mean, about them raising the kids…or using them as accessories. Sometimes I see a picture and I think did Angelina say this morning – “Hmm if I wear the white jacket I should carry one of the darker kids”.

  14. I am not against pretty people doing good things.
    Why can’t Matthew McConaughey step it up. He’s pretty and doesn’t have ‘Gelina baggage.

  15. I’m not tired of his sweaty bare ass. (We watched Troy last night.) Also, we let Beck watch it under the guide of “Educational Film.” Probably a bad call, what with heads flying off and all.

  16. There used to be Mother Theresa, but she didn’t look so great on the cover of the tabloid rags.

  17. I have to admit, I’m tired of Brangelina, too. It’s maddening. No wonder Jennifer Aniston couldn’t handle it either.

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