Has Anybody Seen My Fireplace Remote?

We have those fancy pants fireplaces in our house that are gas, but you make them work with a remote control that has an internal thermostat.

These are great. You can set the temperature to 68 degrees in the day time and 64 at night and it self regulates.

Anyway, I just figured out the downside to having fireplaces that run on remote controls.

If you lose the aforementioned remote you just stay cold.

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  1. You have a fireplace in your OUTHOUSE??? You must be loaded!!


    Flipping you shit, of course.

    I edited the post so I don’t look like an idiot anymore. (blushing)

  2. My advice; look in Ian and Claudia’s rooms…

  3. FYI: I should have fessed up to the EXACT SAME mistype.

  4. I wonder if a universal remote could be programmed to work. Then you could watch tv and change channels, while also adjusting the heating. Oh I really should get out more…

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