More Chanukah Fun

… and I’m not even Jewish.

In honor of Chanukah this year, Devra celebrated by showing me The Jesus of the Week on her Blackberry at the Redskins/Bears Game last night.


In all fairness she was looking for Cheesus Christ and the Peep Jesus both of which were funny enough to risk eternal damnation and missing three minutes of the game. 



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  1. We had Lumpyhead wave to you during the game.

  2. You girls have too much fun! 😉

  3. De in D.C. says:

    I hate you. My face has skin peeling off it today from being wind blasted up in the 400 level, and you got glass enclosures.

    I obviously need a higher-class of friend.

  4. Thank you, oh thank you, for putting me on to Cheesus Christ. I swear to… well, I just swear, Boo’s certain that the “Jesus” on the wall at her music class (held at a church) has something deeply to do with the cheese sticks she gets as a treat after class. Cheesus! Cheesus!

  5. Skybox?? I didn’t know you were so hoity toity!

  6. I so want a beer…and a blackberry right now (MIGHT be getting one for hanukkah…here’s hoping…now how ’bout that beer?) :)

  7. Now wait, did that Jesus like, win a contest? Is there somewhere to vote?
    I want to start such a contest if it doesn’t exist.

    That slays me.

  8. You can call me, 'Sir' says:

    Your team lost to Houston?!?!

    Take note that you’re currently being mocked by a Cleveland fan.

  9. You may need a savior after fooling around during a football…that you’re actually seeing live…in a stadium. That’s just wrong.

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