It’s Not Just for Dessert Anymore

We went to Gabe’s work holiday party on Saturday and so the kids spent the night at their Grandparents house.

It was fantastic. I got to sleep nine whole hours in a row.

Everybody loves it when the kids stay over there. Nonny and Papa love having the kids over, their dog loves it, Gabe and I get a break and Ian and Claudia really have fun at their house.

I always thought it was because Nonny and Papa have cool toys and let them sleep in sleeping bags and use flashlights. Now while I still believe this to be true, I also found out some other reason why they are so willing to leave home for the night.

When the kids got home yesterday Ian wasn’t feeling so well. He said his tummy hurt. I asked him what he ate for lunch. He said “Chicken nuggets, french fries, water and chocolate cake”. Okay. That is a lot of food, but Ian eats like a longshoreman anyway.

Then I asked him what he ate for breakfast.

“A bagel and chocolate cake”.

I said “You ate chocolate cake for breakfast?”

“Yes. Papa gived it to me.”

Ian is generally pretty accurate about food, but these kids have been known to make stuff up, so I asked his sister.

“Claudia, what did you eat for breakfast?”

“A bagel. And chocolate cake.”

This might all explain why my current granddaughter, Purple Baby, thinks that this is okay.*

Purple baby sugar stroller

Yeah. I’m sure the grandparents are laughing their asses off right now. I’m not mad at them, but I am already planning on what I am going to feed my grandchildren when they come to my house. I am going to jack them up on candy buy them some kazoos and recorders and send them home.

* I took this picture a couple of weeks ago and I wasn’t sure how I was going to fit it in. Until now.

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  1. Hey, if you remember Bill Cosby’s old stand-up routines — chocolate cake IS a breakfast food. So they’re off the hook.

  2. At least Purple Baby is strapped in. Safety first.

  3. eggs, flour, milk..and a little chocolate..and sugar..What..Cake for breakfast is awesome..I mean we eat donuts right!!
    I remember loving staying overnight at my grandma’s…the best was her triangle tub..and fresh hot biscuts w/ butter..I miss her..

  4. I want to sleep over at Nonny and Papa’s house.

  5. Oh, that is too funny. My Dad also thinks Chocolate Cake and Apple Pie ala mode are perfectly acceptable breakfast foods.

  6. my daughter’s grandparents let her drink coffee the other day…and then sent her home to me. Yeah…I can’t wait to feed my grandchildren pure crap. :)

  7. Hey, at least it wasn’t Pixie Sticks and a bagel.

    Ditto what Nancy said.

  8. chocolate cake is totally a breakfast food!!

  9. It’s not like they ONLY had chocolate cake…so what’s the problem?

  10. The last time my kids’ grandparents sent them home all sugared up…. my revenge was to send them over the next time having just taken them for ice cream covered in whatever candy pieces they could throw on there… :)

  11. So chocolate cake isn’t a breakfast food…?

  12. My MIL calls chocolate cookies for breakfast chocolate scones. That makes it ok right?

  13. And the queen said, “Let them eat CAKE!” So it shall be. Tee hee. 😉 Nice post. I feel your pain. Truly, I do.

    Get THIS…my parents generally let the silly twerps have ketchup for their fries IN THE CAR! SO, of course, I get “…but Grandma lets us do it…” (insert annoying whine here). Ugh.

  14. You make it sound as if there was something wrong with chocolate cake for breakfast… I don’t understand…

  15. my parents do the same thing! then they wonder why he is so hyper. they always sneak him little candy bars!

  16. heh, I only feed my kid organic food.

    Except for when I feed him cookies and french fries.

  17. My mom and dad are big on giving the kids twizzlers and cookies… my mom even made up a song: “cookies make me dance, cookies make me dance…” My father’s repertiore includes only one somberly spoken phrase: “payback’s a bitch!”

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