Does This Show Make Me Look Fat?

heroes_season_one_skinny_DVDYou know that show Heroes?

Okay, well don’t say anything about any plot points because I am way behind, but we are currently Netflixing (It’s a word if I say it is) season one and I have a question for all of you.

Is it just me, or does that show make you feel really fat?

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  1. most tv shows make me feel fat! I’m always thinking to myself, “WHY ARE THESE PEOPLE SO DAMN TINY & STRONG?”

  2. Comic Book Guy fat or living-in-parent’s-basement fat? Wait, is that one in the same?

    My answer; not as much as say, Battlestar Gallactica…

  3. Uyea, I’m with manda and Kemp. All shows make me feel fat. But did you see the study they did in Britain about trying to be celeb skinny? It’s insane. Completely unnatural. I might have a baby belly but at least it’s real. (this is not comforting during any magazine reading, show watching, movie going, though)

  4. Yup, I agree – pretty much any show does that to me. Ooooh, I LOVE Heroes, I’m so sad it’s in hiatus yet again! Better than Lost in my opinion. Let us know what you think!!!

  5. i try not to think about it. i know all those guys/gals have personal trainers that visit them 12 hours a day and make them work out, so since i cant afford that, i officially dont feel bad about it. i rejoice over the 2 lbs i have lost doing my workout the last month. it may be hard won, but at least its won!

  6. It only makes me feel inadequate because I don’t have mind control or lightning shooting out of my fingers.

  7. The pitiful thing? I’m pretty sure Netflixing really is a word at this point.

    If you guys get bored, check out Jeremiah on Watch It Now, both seasons are uploaded. We finished a few weeks ago, and for a bad psyfi show with Luke Perry (90210) and Malcolm Jamal-Warner (Cosby Show), it was pretty freaking addictive!!!!

  8. I don’t know about you, but I know that it makes me look fat, ugly, slow, and stupid. But not as stupid as West Wing made me look, which also made me look like a slow talker, which was sort of miraculous, like something I thought that only Doug Henning could do with a rainbow-colored silk hankie…but I digress.

    Safety tip: You can see all the complete episodes on the website, although there are annoying Cisco commercials every so often. Correction: One annoying Cisco commercial that plays every so often, but it’s much less advertising than is on the broadcast, and it’s a chance to pee and break into discussion groups regarding subplots and leitmotifs and what’s the best vermouth.

  9. I don’t know about if the show makes anyone fat. I do know I went to college with the Grunberg Brothers. Shhh don’t tell anyone. I don’t want the paparazzi chasing me down to hear stories about ZBT pajama inspired fashion shows.

  10. That should have read ONE of the Grunberg Brothers. (It was Brad)

  11. Love the place. I came over through MyBlogLog and i have sub’d you with the Greader! I look forward to more. oh and just to stop by and pick a fight with a new friend….GO COWBOYS!

  12. hahahaha… SOOO super fat! :)

    love the show tho. enjoy it!

  13. hmm…can’t say it makes me feel as fat as something like “top model” or “desperate housewives” those women make me sick!

  14. Get a widescreen TV. It makes them all look a bit fatter. Even those skinny bitches on Grey’s Anatomy.

  15. every time i watch it i can’t help but comment on how tiny the cheerleader is! shes like olympic gymnist tiny. so jealous.

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