What Sucks

Waking up from a dead sleep to a screaming child covered in vomit.

That is what sucks.

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  1. OOOOO I totally agree that does suck… I don’t have kids but I do have a husband who came home drunk (ONE TIME and never ever again) and vomited ………….. so I can only sort of sympathize…
    Hope that kiddo is feeling better and Mommy gets some sleep

  2. You can call me, 'Sir' says:

    Throw some holy water at the child and yell, “THE POWER OF CHRIST COMPELS YOU!!”, a few times. It’ll be fine.

  3. Gross. At least the child didn’t vomit in your hand. . .

  4. I’ve been waking up from a dead sleep to a screaming kid in a puddle of his own urine for the last few weeks.

    We’ve eliminated that sippy of water in bed at night and it seems to have diminished the problem.

    I don’t have a good recommendation for the vomit, although the holy water, “POWER OF CHRIST” thing sounds pretty good to me.

  5. Yup, have to agree with you there.

  6. Sadly I’ve been there many, many, many many times…

  7. Ugh, Mine’s been hacking her lungs out with a cold from the dark depths of the black plague AND vomiting. For 3 days now. Fun all around.

  8. i think they are teaching zoe some bad habits. she threw up twice in bed this week.

  9. Wake up to three sometime.

    Then tell me what sucks.

    Oh, and it also sucks when you’ve got every sheet and towel in the house in the wash because of said vomitting and the vomitting is continuing.

  10. At least the screaming child was in his or her own bed at the time, and you didn’t wake up personally covered in vomit. Silver lining.

  11. Yikes. And, what Beth said. Because I was going to say that too.

  12. Oh yes, that’s bad. Last time we had kiddie night-vomit hubs had to throw his favorite pricy thermarest pillow in the garbage!

  13. yes ma’am.

  14. Poor baby!

    And by that, I mean you. The kid will recover and forget all about this. You never will.

  15. Yeah! That does suck.

  16. Yeah, that does suck. I never thought I’d say the favorite thing in my house was the washing machine next to the bedrooms but it is, for just such occasions!

  17. I had that last week. Except the vomit wasn’t all over the kid…it was on me.

  18. Yep, that pretty much takes the cake for sucky events.
    Our daughter had her 3 am barf session last week. She was fine 24 hours later. I hope your sick child recovers quickly.

  19. Yes it does.

    I’m Kellan – nice to meet you.

  20. Ew and Ew! and Sorry.

  21. I know this will sounds stone cold. But..better you than me. Because if I woke up to that, I would be covered in vomit too. My own. We’ve discussed my problem with empathy puking. (empapuke?)

  22. The puke would also get all up in my leaves. Why am I still a tree? WHY??????

  23. Better than two kids covered in vomit? Just trying to be helpful. Hope whoever it was feels better soon.

  24. That DOES suck. Is running away to join the circus no longer an option?

  25. Decidedly sucks.

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