The Food Gods Have Smiled Upon Me

CityZen just called! They havc an opening for me tonight. Woo Hoo!

(I hope I haven’t hyped this too much, if the food sucks I will be very disappointed.) 

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  1. Enjoy (y)our birthday dinner!

  2. Happy birthday sweetie. I hope it’s ALL GOOD.

  3. Happy Birthday! Have a great time!

  4. Enjoy!

  5. Way fun! Have a great time! Happy Birthday!

  6. Yay! Hope you have a great time.

  7. CityZen was seriously the best food experience of my life. Pricey but heavenly. Did you love it? Did you get chocolate chip cookie souffle for dessert?

  8. Oh man. That’s too bad Gabe couldn’t go too. Did he at least drive you in?

  9. Enjoy….sounds great!

    – Jon
    – Daddy Detective

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