Happy Birthday to Me

Yes, today I am 35.


That kind of seems like a lot, doesn’t it.

Anyway, no need to buy me anything, but for my gift I do ask you to do one of two things (it will cost you nothing but pride).


1) Click on one of my ads – the BlogHer ad would be good, but feel free to click a text link ad too. There is some good stuff over there.


2) Go win me something on Blingo.

Thanks! You guys rule.

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  1. 35? A mere child! 😉 Happy birthday!

  2. Happy Birthday Sarah! Always glad to see someone move up past me…

  3. Happy Birthday, Sarah! Great blog. I found you through Blog Rush. Amazing where it takes us.

    Hope that you enjoy your day. I’ll be back.

  4. Happy Birthday to you, Za!
    Have some macaroni & cheese, tuna bagel and a wine cooler on me! Love you!

  5. Happy Birthday!!

  6. Happy Birthday, youngster! Wanna go to a hockey game? :-)

    Now I’ll go click on one of your links, just for you.

  7. The Farty Pants Twins wanted me to wish you a happy birthday. So Happy Birthday from the left coast.

  8. Happy 35th!!! How was dinner on Saturday?

  9. Done and Done
    Happy Birthday!

  10. You’re only 35? Wow, I would have said 38, easy.

    Have I used this joke before?

    Happy birthday!

  11. Hey, mine’s tomorrow! Happy Birthday!!!

  12. Happy birthday! I wish I still lived there so I could drink your malt liquor! I clicked and signed up for things!

  13. Hell, on my 35th birthday I was begging for diamonds. Click on a link? You got it, babe.

    Happy Birthday!

  14. It’s not a whole helluva lot…because I’ll be 36 in 2 months.


    Happy Birthday!!!!

  15. Happy 35th, Sarah! Cheers!

  16. You can call me, 'Sir' says:

    First Chris from Rude Cactus, now you. I’ll be 35 next month. It’s a friekin’ epidemic.

  17. Happy Birthday!!!

  18. Happy Birthday and did you know another BlogHer CE has a birthday today? Heather Clisby! Cool eh?

  19. Happy Birthday! You don’t look a day over 33.


  20. Happy Birthday!

  21. Happy Birthday!!!

  22. Happy Birthday dear friend. Here’s hoping the kids don’t give you pasta.

  23. Happy belated birthday!

  24. Yeah, but doesn’t it make 40 seem like just not that old? Silver linings, or whatever.

    Happy Birthday! If you would really rather have ad clicks than beer, who am I to argue?

  25. Happy happy birthday = I will click click and click again.

  26. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, SARAH!!!!! I hope you had a great one. :)

  27. Well I was going to get you Hannah Montana tickets. Clicking on your ads will be much easier. Happy birthday!

  28. Happy Birthday! Drink one for me.

  29. happy happy day friend! may you have 35 and then 35 more. going to do some ad clicking now.

  30. happy birthday!

  31. Happy Birthday! I’m 30 tomorrow.

    I’m okay with it! _reaches for spiked OJ at 10am_

  32. omg… Happy Birthday!! I clicked twice, so that’s like TWO presents!!! (Dude, I go back to work on Jan 2. If we are going to do a day time hookup it better be toot sweet.)

  33. Happy Birthday!

  34. Happy Birthday

    I clicked

    Even though green bean cASSerole makes me gag.

  35. Happy birthday!


  36. Happy belated birthday!!!

    *clickity click click click*

  37. I am a little late. Hope it was great.

  38. I came over the other day to browse :-) You hooked me on Blingo..and I ran away :-) Happy belated bday..ya young pup!

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