Randomness Part 98

True story: my real life friend Jeff is hiring Boy Shakira to “play” his friend’s birthday party:

Britt sent me this link from College Humor. It is captioned “I‘m worried that Tommy’s crunking is starting to interfere with his schoolwork.”

Have you guys ever heard of swording? Seriously LHM is a prodigy at opening a champagne bottle with a knife. It is frightening.

What the F is a Nintendog? (not that I couldn’t just google it myself, but that isn’t nearly as amusing as asking you guys)

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  1. OMG Boy Shakira?!

    I *need* to know…how much does it cost to get Boy Shakira to perform at a gig? Now I know what I want for my next birthday…

    ….well, that or a Nintendog.

  2. It’s all about attitude. One needs to be desperate to GET AT THE WINE.

  3. Jeff doesn’t like his friend much, does he?

    Sarah, when you look at Boy Shakira, does he remind you of the other Lori L? I SO see it! Creeps me out EVERY TIME!

    That kid crunking, cracks me up.

  4. The kid dancing is amazing! I can’t believe that didn’t win the talent show.

    When you mentioned the “swording” I thought of a video on Amalah. She has a video of her opening champagne with a sword. I had to go look and see it again.

  5. The dance video was great! :) Definitely made me laugh!

    I posted a really NEAT music video on my blog you might light. Amusing and fantastic all at the same time!

  6. I just got a dvd burner. I have video of Sarah. I may even know how to edit and add music. Stay tuned…

  7. okay i only know what a nintendog is because hubby got one for me for xmas (um totally not something i wanted but he’s good at those types of presents lol). So its a game for the nintendo ds and its basically like a tamagotchi cept it doesn’t beep at you when it wants something. You buy a dog in the game and you feed it and take care of it and its always a puppy it never ages. You can teach it all sorts of trick and enter it in agility, obdience and disc catching tournaments….

  8. The crunking kid is awesome. He is really good! He’s going to be in a Beyonce video someday!

  9. My eyes are bleeding from watching both those videos one after the other. Or am I just jealous that Boy Shakira is not playing at my birthday?

  10. My boy crunks. I didn’t know that’s what it was *called*, but he does it. I have heard that Soulja Boy song 12 million times. In a row. ‘Cause Mark came home from a middle-school dance having just learned that and wanted to perfect it.

    I wanna see the looks on the faces of those parents who are sending their kids to a ballet class when at recital time, the kids start crunking. heh heh heh mk

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