Grandma Christ Superstar

Ian is sobbing at the top of the stairs. He is laying there in a puddle. He is inconsolable.


Because Grandma is in the shower.

Seriously. My kid is losing his mind because he woke up and his grandmother (even though she is in town and in his house) is not immediately available.

My Mom is such a rock star around here.

Yesterday I forced the kids to take a nap with me. When Claudia woke up she only said one word: “Grandma”.

Normally I can’t get the kids off of me. Today I don’t even exist. Half of me loves the freedom. Right now I am typing and nobody is on me. Nobody is whining at me. I am actually alone in the office with the door wide open. It is lovely.

The other half of me feels like a second class citizen.

Oh well. Screw it. I haven’t changed a diaper since my parents got here.

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  1. “I haven’t changed a diaper since my parents got here.”


    Enjoy the Silence.

  2. We are heading to the grandparents today and I am expecting to be in this exact situation – free to read, nap, drink, and not change diapers. (Cheers!)

  3. I can’t wait for my parents arrive for that exact reason! (I never thought I’d write that!)

  4. Relax and ENJOY! If you don’t, you’ll be kicking yourself same time next week!

  5. Maybe there will even be a x-mas miracle and your parents will get them potty trained.
    Miracle on 34th street, move over.

  6. I know how you feel. When my father is around, Dawson doesn’t know the meaning of the word “mom.”

  7. I say take advantage. No guilt.

  8. I second most of the other commenters – enjoy it while it lasts!

  9. I am all to familiar with Rock Star Grandma syndrome, and expect it in spades come Xmas day. We might as well not have even gotten them any gifts since it will pale in comparison to the magnificent glow of the GREAT GODDESS GRANDMA.

  10. It must be so awesome to be a grandparent. While my kids are also always hanging on me, I am in no way a superstar to them.

  11. enjoy it.
    we are at my parents house and isabella has been fused to my leg since we got here. she’ll warm up, um, about a day before we leave…

  12. Okay, that’s the most awesomely awesome title ever.

    and no diapers – fab. totally worth it.

  13. They change diapers too?

    Wow, how did you score that deal!?

  14. Hail the lack of diaper changing. Well worth having a tad of a pity party by yourself.

  15. Your day will come. Or is your day here, right now, with a little time for yourself? :)

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