Never Underestimate the Power of the Dark Side

Me: You know who he looks like in with that metal bowl on his head?

Gabe: Who?

Me: That guy who underestimates the power of the dark side. You know, his lack of faith is disturbing.

Gabe: General Veers?*

Me: Yeah! That guy.


Speaking of Star Wars,  Claudia told me that if I was “eated by a lion” her new Mommy could be “Dark Vader”.



Speaking of new Mommys, Ian called me Grandpa the other day. GRANDPA? I mean, I know that I take after my Dad in a lot of ways but I think this was the first time I was ever actually mistaken for the man.


*Upon further research, I realized that Admiral Motti was actually the guy who had a disturbing lack of faith in Darth Vader’s sad devotion to that ancient religion. But Gabe knew what I was talking about anyway.

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  1. So who was WEARING the metal bowl? I mean, it was Ian right? Or was it your Dad?

  2. That first story? Laugh out loud funny and I’ll be sharing that one with my husband.

  3. I automatically assumed it was Ian, but now that Queen brings it up. I think I need photographic evidence.

  4. My step son thought that it was VERY cool that they other day I watched Return of the one made me. He thought it was weird to because I have ha crush on Hans Solo and think Wookie’s are cute.

  5. That’s funny, I’m wearing a metal bowl on my head – right now!

  6. I also found his lack of faith disturbing.
    The question is, does IAN recognize the true POWER for the FORCE?

  7. dont u love it when your family gets it? my hubby reads my mind a lot of the times… i mentioned to him the other day about …’you know the guy who hunts people instead of birds and had a heart attack’ – Dick Cheney was who i was talking about.. his office had caught fire.. my hubby is SO smart!

  8. And here I thought we were the only dorks still using obscure Star Wars references to apply to everyday life.

    The joke we had when I was when they are demonstrating the power of the FULLY OPERATIONAL Death Star, the line is:

    Fire at will, commander!

    We always said:
    Will? What did he do??? Poor Will!

    Yes, we’re losers like that.

  9. “You know, his lack of faith is disturbing.” Priceless, and laugh out loud funny. :-)

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