Don’t Play Wii Golf with Three Year Olds

Just trust me on this one.

Three holes took four people about 45 minutes.

Yes, we got a Wii for Christmas and it rules. I also got a GPS that has a British accent,* a new hot water heater, a new toilet and a washer and dryer. We don’t technically have the washer and dryer yet, but we’re going to pick them out this week. Does anyone have the Whirlpool Duet? If so, what do you think of them? And what is your favorite game on the Wii?

Also, is is sad that I am excited about my new toilet and my new hot water heater?

* Fine. I chose the British accent. His name is Daniel. It sounds like James Bond is telling me where to go. Well. Not really. But I still like my new GPS.

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  1. It’s totally not silly to be excited about new toilets and hot water heaters. I got snow tires for Christmas one year and I was so thrilled! There’s something to be said for practical gifts.

    We got a Wii too. Addicted to Bowling, but I think it’s because it’s the only game in which I can beat my husband.

  2. Ooh, we got a Wii, too! Love it so far, but haven’t tried much. The hubby is looking forward to getting Zelda.

  3. We got a Wii about six months ago and dude? Am I the only one in the world who doesn’t think it is that cool? We played it for about a week and now it just sits there looking all fancy and making other people jealous. My son did get Mario Galaxy for the Wii for Christmas, so hopefully it will get used more now.

  4. i don’t know nothing bout no whirlpool, be we got ourselfs a lovable pair of washermabobs you might recall from here:

    They are LG something. If you really care, email me and I’ll give you the model number.

  5. Don’t get a front loading machine. Our repair guy, the one that cme to tell us our front loader was dead, said that he repairs them all the time. He also said to get one if I wanted to see him often. We got a Fisher Paykel & I love it.

    The Wii is awesome if you are over 6. Guitar Hero rocks!

  6. De in D.C. says:

    I was going to recommend my machine and went on the Sears website to find out the name of it, and low and behold, it has nothing but 1-star ratings from dozens of customers. Oops! So… Don’t get the Kenmore Elite Oasis with Canyon Capacity, lol. (I have two mild complaints with it, but they’re minor and otherwise it’s been great. It appears that I’m one of the lucky ones.)

    I like the Wii Play games better than the sports games. The silly one where you ride a cow is my favorite.

  7. I was thinking a Wii would be fun. Someone gave us a puppy. No joke, we have no idea who.

  8. My boys are hogging the Wii! Sounds like I need to kick them of.

  9. Basil got a Wii, and this morning we were very much enjoying Monkey Ball 2. I like the bowling. I want Guitar Hero and anything non-Grand-Theft-Auto-ish. Basil wants another nunchuk so we can play “party style.”

    Petunia is just excited about her avatar. (Her Mii?)

  10. My brother’s got a Wii and I think he enjoys it. I know this isn’t the latest, and you can get it for every game console as far as I know, but the Lego Star Wars Original Trilogy is awesome. But I don’t know if it really leverages the Wii controller.

    As far as washers go, in Germany AEG and then Miele are probably the nicest, but the only German manufacturer I have ever seen in the US is Bosch, which is also decent. But then again, I haven’t ever really shopped for a washer and drier before and who knows how these international conglomerates are connected. Christina’s mom just got a set from LG and is very happy with them. She got front-loaders, which is the only kind I have ever known.

  11. love the tennis. also love the pool, firing range, and fishing on the wii play. the kids: ethan loves the tank game, and jocelyn loves the cow game (on wii play).

    i can’t remember which one comes with the wii, wii play or wii sports? i’m jealous about the washer/dryer.

  12. British accents rock. Good call. And which James Bond? Daniel Craig? Yum.

  13. Eledees is the best Wii game we’ve got, it seems to suit all ages from littlies up. Rayman Raving Rabbits is fun too. I was a bit disappointed with Bust a Move, I like that better on other consoles. I imagine Guitar Hero III is the best but we have it for Playstation. Wii Play and Wii Sports are always fun.

  14. I also have a Wii and my dad searched high and low to find my husband and I Guitar Hero III and I pretty much thing it is the best game in the world. My 3 year old also attempts to play, but she is much better with just dancing to our music.

  15. I’m insane … I read “hot water heater” as a HOT water heater … as in one that looked like your James Bond GPS guy. LOL

  16. You know what’s even more sad than getting excited about a new water heater and toilet? Being envious of someone else getting a new hot water heater and toilet.

    As for the Wii, you know Son One and Son Two are going to wish they lived at your house now. You have The Squad, you have the cats, you have wine. Hold up. The wine thing is what I like about your house.

    When will we have a “Drive off” between Daniel and Lee? (I have a GPS and use the Aussie accented voice named “Lee”)

  17. I like the bowling on the Wii.. I do so much better than in real life..but them my arm gets sore.
    My step son LOVES Mario Galaxy and My Sims…
    Oh..I also like Pokemon Diamond and on the battles are freaking awesome!

  18. We have a front loading washer and I HATE it. It breaks all the time, and is a pain in the butt to use. My friend has the same one and has had no problems with hers, so it is your call about this…just adding my experience.

    We got guitar hero for Christmas and my husband beat the devil…I am not positive what that means since I have barely gotten to play, but my kids are having an awesome time telling people that.

  19. We got the “Sorry I didn’t Get you a Wii” letter from Santa for Xmas since we couldn’t find a Wii.

    Our GPS is a female british woman, who doesn’t know how to say route names properly. …It’s SIX NINETY FIVE, not six hundred and ninety five. By the time you say the whole thing I’ve missed my turn. Thanks…

  20. We love Mario Pary 8 on the Wii. My son is also a big fan of Rayman Raving Rabbit (or whatever that stupid game is called) but I just can’t get into it.

  21. hiya stranger! Love my WII, we got it last summer, but added some new games at Christmas. I especially am addicted to the Super Mario Galaxy and Super Paper Mario games, they are awesome!

    Kids “Play” by shaking the controller for me, “rolling” the bowling ball, etc., but it always takes FOREVER and ends in one of us yelling. Not so fun.

    Happy New year!

  22. I got my hubs a Wii…we’re destined for divorce court now…talk about bringing out the competitive bitchy streak in one another…lol.

    As for washer and dryer, the hubs bought me the front loading LG steam washer and dryer in cherry red for Valentines day. (How romantic….best. gift. ever.)

    I love them. LOOOOOVE them.

    Have fun picking out your appliances and have a happy new year.

  23. My fave game is the fishing on WiiPlay. It’s the only one I don’t completely suck at. Thus, the choice was easy!

  24. If I have a GPS navigation device that speaks in Marilyn Monroe’s voice, I’m in trouble. I’ll be so turned on I’ll be a danger to myself and the others.

  25. Our GPS thinks the abreviation for “Drive” (Dr.) should be pronounced “Doctor” so when we were on vacation it kept telling us to turn onto “Channelside Doctor Southwest”

    It also tells us that Samuel L. Goldstein Highway is “Samuel Fifty Goldstein Highway”

  26. I suck at guitar hero.
    I like the “idea” of dance party but it requires me to move my ass off the couch.
    I like boxing because I can pretend I am punching out my evil nemesis.

  27. Wow, if only James Bond could jump in a GPS and tell me where to go. Also, I like the Bowling game for the Wii, but it’s really the only one that I’ve ever played. :)

  28. We have had the Wii since our anniversary last year. The guys all love Wii golf!!! Golf, Golf golf, thats all we play anymore!

  29. We’ve had a WII for almost a year now. We weren’t getting just to much use out of it until this christmas when we got some new games. My husband loves Madden. All of us love Guitar Hero 3 even my 7 year old son and 9 year old daughter are on medium. Super Mario Galaxy is a lot of fun. For a group game we like Mario Party 8. Seems like you can’t go wrong with Mario for good family fun. Raving Rabbits is fun also.

  30. I’m jealous of the Wii. My cousin got one. I love the bowling. But I suck at it.

  31. We LOVE our Wii. We got Alien Syndrome for Xmas and we really like it because it’s 4 player. Zelda is awesome and the kids really like Super Mario Galaxy right now. The best is having friends over and playing Wii Sports. Definitely a great way to spend an evening, and even better when you are a little drunk. SO FUNNY.

    I’m currently addicted to Sims2 Castaway.

    When will you be back in FL? Bring one of your controllers with your Miis in it and you can play at my house!


  32. Wii: Carnival

  33. p.s. i totally want a british male GPS. lucky

  34. I’m so good at boxing nobody will play with me any more.:( But my new favorite is Guitar Hero. I totally suck, but I feel like a rockstar!lol

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