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Randomness Part 102

My favorite search term from this week: soda can in my ass. Runner Up: I have to poop McCain. 2nd runner up: Phantom pussy 3rd runner up:can tucky fried chicken. ____ My favorite search question of the week: What kind of jeans do hipsters wear? ____ A conversation that made me scratch my head: (Claudia […]

Mommy, Can I Play the Game of the Month Again?

What kind of moron teaches their children how to play Noggin’s Game of the Month on her own computer? Yes I did. And it is a Lazy Town game. Yes sir. I have learned my lesson for the day. If I hear that damn Lazy Town theme song one more time I am going to […]

Fess Up – Garage Bands

This may come as a shock to exactly nobody, but when I was in high school I was in a garage band. (Well, technically I was in several but since I almost always had the same drummer it was mostly just that one garage – so garage bands?) My band was called Culture Clash (Sarah […]


So I’ve redone (well, Karen and Mrs. Flinger redid) my entire blog so that I could have both BlogHer ads and BlogAds. Now BlogAds still won’t take me back even though I made a third column just for them. Does anybody have both kinds of ads on their blog? If so, how do you make […]

My Dog Ate My Homework

I don’t have a dog – or homework, but my webmail seems to have eaten some very important e-mails that I was trying to save. So if you are expecting something from me in the mail (I know Carmen won that contest) please re-send me your address because I have no idea what happened to […]

The Great Interview Experiment

You know how I always say that if all of my friends jumped off a bridge I would too? Well, Neil from Citizen of the Month has this theory that everyone is interesting. He decided to do this experiment where everyone that wanted in and commented would interview the person who commented right after them. […]

Two Birds, One Stone

Chocolate Milk. It’s perfect. I get my chocolate fix AND calcium. It is brilliant. To bad it doesn’t have more caffeine.


Yesterday, I went out to my car and when I turned it on my trip odometer read 666.6. This morning I turned on the computer to see what you people have written about and – you are going to have to see it to believe it. I’m not lying. Should I be concerned? Is the […]

The Trip Odometer of the Beast

The Trip Odometer of the Beast Originally uploaded by Sarah606

Your Turn

I promised that I wouldn’t talk about butt-holes today so… I’ve got nothing. Let me ask you guys a couple of totally unrelated questions. 1) What are you reading right now? 2) Can you get a zit on the back of your ear? 3) Why won’t my cat shut the hell up? 4) What is […]

Motherhood is So Glamorous (Insert Sarcasm Emoticon Here)

I don’t mean for this to become a blog all about shoving things in people’s butts, but I need to vent about this somewhere and you, the dear internet, are a captive audience. (Is that apostrophe in the right place in people’s butts? I mean, they are the butts of the people, right? I suck […]

In 3s – Part 2

Hey, do you guys remember that one time when I did an entire post based on the fact that I was confused about a Beastie Boys song? Yeah. I think I’m going to do that again. 3 Movies that I Thought I Would Hate, But I Loved 1) Fight Club 2) Clueless 3) Super Troopers […]