Best Search Term of the Week

The search term that lead someone to my blog that made me laugh the hardest this week, hands down, is the following:

South Florida Bulls Cornhole.

I know. I know. If there was one little apostrophe I might never stop laughing.

Yes, I know they meant this with the USF Bulls logo on it, but still.


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  1. That’s funny. It’s interesting to see how people make it to your site. I’ve had some weird ones too.

  2. that’s hilarious!

  3. You are such a 12 year old boy. As am I.

  4. I just snorted.

  5. Quite funny. Sounds like a perverted dating site! I spin off on a variety of topics too and just today came “Captain Crunch Pay Phone”, “Stretch Armstrong” and “Witness Protection Program”…all of which have been referenced. You insired me to keep better track. Thanks for the laugh…and I hope that person found their date. :)

  6. LOL – I had someone search ride a c.o.c.k horse (I had no idea when I typed the post about our rocking horses) I since have learned to dot my suspect words.

  7. That is hilarious – I must figure out what search terms are bringing people to my site!

  8. I always love reading the search terms which people have used. My favorite so far is “monster socks sex” I have no clue.

  9. “Gorilla poop no bake cookies” will always be my favorite.

  10. I love the crazy search terms.

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