A Blast From My Past

Claudia went with a throwback style:

Lunch Box  Pigs in Space  pigs Sometimes I am glad my mother never throws anything away.

Claudia has been taking the lunchbox that my brother had in kindergarten to pre-school. She is a huge hit with all of the adults.

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  1. That’s a rockin’ lunchbox.

    J always writes sweet notes for Mimi’s lunchbox. The first day of school when he did it I felt like a complete asshole because it hadn’t even occurred to me to send in a note, even though my mom used to do it for me too.

  2. That is a cool lunch box. And if any of the other kids tried to make fun of her, she could always have used it as a weapon.

    My mom used to leave me notes in my lunchbox too. And in my luggage when I would go away to camp. I guess it was worth it, since we all remember them doing it.

  3. I LOVE the lunchbox–I am a muppet fiend! and the photos, I can actually see them (even on the work computer!)

  4. I own a Muppets in Space movie, but never had the lunch box. That is so sweet of you to write them notes…ESPECIALLY since they can’t read. Keep doing it.

  5. Groovy lunchbox!
    I used to put notes in my husband’s lunch.

  6. I think she’s the coolest girl in the school. She must have a cool uncle too, since he gave her the lunchbox.

    Also, I always smile when I see the notes parents put in their kids lunchboxes!

  7. Pigs in Space…. beyond cool

  8. Really cool. No contest.

  9. So sweet! And I LOVE Pigs in Space!

  10. Piiiiiigs in Spaaaaaaace!

  11. Son One wants a “Dr Bob” lunchbox. I don’t think that was as popular as Pigs In Spaaaaaaaaace. *sigh*

  12. Where did your mom save that lunch box all these years? Also, I don’t remember seeing notes on napkins from your mom; did you pack lunches in Ohio?

  13. I think leaving them notes before they can read endears you to the teachers.

  14. zoe thinks “dorky” is pronounced “dorpy” and she tells me i am kind of dorpy. it makes me feel proud :) you are impressive. i always forget to write zoe love notes in her lunch!

  15. The preschool encourages lunchbox notes. The last one I left Lumpyhead reminded him that if he farted, he should blame it on another kid.

    The note cracked me up, anyway (also, it’s good advice, because as you know, when that boy farts, he farts) but the thing that really got me snickering was the image of some poor co-oping parent having to read that advice aloud to my son. I wondered if there would be any editorializing.

    It was the best!

  17. Damn, that’s an awesome lunchbox.

  18. Awesome lunch box!

    Phototrade seems like a really interesting idea. Got any invites? (and can I have one? LOL)

  19. ZOMG, I want that lunch box! (V. sweet note and awesome to keep up that tradition.)

  20. I LOVE Piiiiiigggggggsss iinnnnnnnn sppaaaaaaaaaacccceee…

    I’ll give you $50,000 for the box… as long as you take a third-party, post-dated out of state check…

  21. You are such a wicked cool mom. I’m sitting here in the school’s computer lab at lunch time with my two oldest (9 and 11) just to hang with them. I love notes in the lunch bags.

  22. Yes,

    Claudia reps the throwback lunch tin hard. Pigs in space was really funny back then… But there is no pork on my fork or swine on my tine. Don’t want hate on my plate, what do you know about those old school muppets son?

    If you don’t watch out I’ll hop on the fraggle rock tip…


    ps – tell Gabe Zoe and I are using the force on people… we got wii and the Star Wars Lego game…

  23. I bet we could make like 5 g’s selling that lunch box on ebay, hahahaha…

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