Toilet Training is Overrated

There is nothing like watching your son army crawling under the stall door in a public restroom to make you think –Huh, maybe I don’t want him to be potty trained after all.

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  1. I always think, “Thank God I’m not the one having to crawl under the stall!” I’m of the mind that the more germs the kids encounter and conquer, the better off they’ll be!

  2. Hey, Rescue Ian overcomes all obstacles. For he is Rescue Ian.

  3. Better he army crawl in the Ladies Room than the Men’s.

  4. OMG!
    Evelyn once dropped an M&M on the floor of the bathroom and ate it before I could scream NO to her. She lived.

  5. My favorite potty training story is taking a friend’s daughter with us to the bathroom at church and Allison throwing out her arms and declaring “A, DON’T TOUCH ANYTHING!” I was sure that was something she’d heard from her own mother over and over.

    Imagine the immune system he is developing!

  6. Hysterical – I will remember this when I am TT my twin boys – how on earth do you fit two toddlers in normal cubicle – unless you use the disabled one.

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