Scarred For Life

This parenting thing is even harder than I thought.

After getting his blood taken yesterday he told me has was “very disappointed in his doctor” and that he wanted “all the doctors to go to a different planet”.

This doesn’t bode well for the surgery on Monday.

Then again, when Ian was peeing (in the potty, thank the gods) yesterday he told his father “My penis is a volcano!” So maybe he is just a weird guy.

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  1. Sounds like a normal guy actually!

  2. He must have been holding it (the pee) in for a long time to have it shoot out at the force of a volcano. Kids say the funniest things.

  3. You can call me, 'Sir' says:

    He seems a little young to be using such a foolproof pick-up line.

  4. Funny, my husband STILL says that 😉

  5. Best of luck on Monday.

    And I am definitely stealing that line to use.

  6. Sometimes I wish that I would have held out for a guy with a volcano!

  7. After Fric had her surgery, she was not feeling well in recovery. She was disoriented and complained that the doctor was a demon. LOL. Then she threw up all over the nurse. It was a golden moment.

  8. Don’t all men think their penis is a natural wonder?

  9. does it scare you to say that he also sounds a lot like his uncle mike!? agh!

  10. THAT is funny. My best friend’s 5 year old greets every morning by looking in his pants and saying,”Helllloooo weinerschnitzel!” To each his own.

  11. Good luck with everything. It will all be a distant memory very soon. I love the, “Helloooooo weinerschnitzel!” in the comment above.

  12. Just wait until Ian’s 12 and you’ll have to explain eruptions.

  13. I don’t know, he sounds like a pretty normal guy to me… but then I have brothers and no sons, only daughters.

  14. Jack was put under for dental work, not nearly as invasive, but routine and under none the less…anyway, call on monday if you want an ear who understands the kid under thing. Deep breathes and good thoughts coming your way. Lots of ice cream for cutie pie.

  15. You sure he didn’t have doctors confused with lawyers?

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