Randomness Part 101

Ha! Because “peaness” and “penis” are homonyms. (Stolen in broad daylight from Case at Moving Delirium)

Skater Boy (Sk8tr Boi?) by Avril Lavigne has got to be the worst piece of crap ever recorded.

Dishonest politician? Sort of… this guy photoshopped his head onto a skinnier body for his Congressional ad. Dean Hrbacek – what were you thinking?

My Mom had a friend who didn’t work and it really bothered her that she didn’t have a business card. This lady just printed a card with her name and phone number on it and started entering to win free lunches and stuff like that. She was shocked when she kept getting calls asking what her rates were. Apparently people assumed that since she had a card with just a name and a number that she was a hooker.

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  1. The business card thing: wow. This doesn’t happen to you with your kickass Sarah and the Goon Squad business cards, does it?

  2. 1. I maintain that the worst piece of crap ever recorded is Kelly Osbourne’s remake of “Papa Don’t Preach.”

    2. My stepfather, after he retired, did that business card thing. I don’t know if people assumed he was a male escort though.

  3. a ha ha. a ha ha. hooker. that’s funny. how about a nod to Paris Hilton’s piece of crap? anyone?

    and i get the not working thing. i updated my resume yesterday (barf). on monster.com. i figure hey, at least it will show i’ve worked since june. is her name like Buffy Skiverton or something? Candy DeLight? otherwise.. why think she’s a hooker? how about a Tupperware rep? he he.

  4. JamesMommy says:

    That’s about the funniest thing I’ve read lately. I love it . . . a suburbanite housewife by day, a call girl by night.

  5. I think the worst thing ever recorded, hands down, is William Shatner’s version of ‘Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds’

    And the business card thing sounds like the setup for a bad Lifetime movie…

  6. Penis. Avril. A fake politician (not uncommon). An accidental hooker. Definitely random.

  7. well if it pays well, like free lunches – maybe i should have some cards printed.

  8. Dean Hrbacek – I guess he was thinking that he would get his name really well known (or that no one would remember it). How do you pronounce that?

    I liked the peaness clip (and the reaction).

  9. Fat cat politicians and the like have been trying to look ‘skinny’ since the beginning of, well, politics. I suspect that your topics are less random than we all might think. Pandering comes in many forms you know. :)

  10. I like Sk8tr Boi.

    I can play it on the guitar a little.

    All I can say is that it’s been useful when leading camping trips for skeptical girl scouts.

    Can I make it any more obvious?

  11. Snorting with laughter here over the business cards!

  12. one of my sisters in law says something about peas being full of green peaness. i dont know if all her kids get it, but i couldnt stop laughing when she said that. she is a bit naughtier than me. but we think alike, and that’s fun.. green peaness..

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