The Trip Odometer of the Beast

The Trip Odometer of the Beast

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  1. You better run to the hills.

  2. Holy crap-o-la! I can’t believe you noticed it at that #!

  3. Seriously, only you would catch that.

  4. Way creepy! I never paid attention to my odometer to see numbers appear like that!

  5. Funny!

    In college, my friend The Sultan and I were driving his classic Mustang when the mileage read 66666 – we screamed for a whole mile to ward off evil.

  6. run while you can!!!!!

  7. Dude. You have the best posts. And yes, I’m 45 years old and called you Dude. 😉

  8. I think it is freaky – but so cool you got it ! I got some good odometer readings but not this one.

  9. The fact that you noticed impresses me beyond belief. I don’t even pay attention to the gas light 😛

  10. So were you going to HELL?

  11. All the Jesus fish on the cars within 100 miles just melted.

  12. I don’t pay enough attention to my odometer.

  13. Stop the car. Get out. Hurry!!!

  14. I have a vision of you driving along both hands off the wheel and on your camera waiting for that to roll round.

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