Yesterday, I went out to my car and when I turned it on my trip odometer read 666.6.

This morning I turned on the computer to see what you people have written about and – you are going to have to see it to believe it.

I’m not lying. Should I be concerned? Is the Devil trying to tell me something?

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  1. Freaky! You must be doomed…

  2. Noooo, no no… pure coincidence I’m sure…

    Ahem… on a totally unrelated topic, I won’t be stopping by here for a while…

  3. Call a priest.

  4. Satan rocks your odometer!
    I am glad to see someone has more stuff in their reader than I do. I only have 200+ unread things right now.

  5. The world is going to hell in a handbasket!

  6. De in D.C. says:

    I don’t know about the devil, but how on earth do you read 600+ posts a day?!

  7. You know, if you tilt your head the right way and squint, or if you just have slightly sloppy penmanship, “Sarah” and “Satan” look a lot alike. I’m just saying.

  8. Go buy some lottery tickets with those lucky numbers.

  9. Yes. Go back to bed. Just don’t hit snooze more than 2x if it is preset at 6 minutes… :)

  10. I’m officially freaked out.
    How are YOU holding up?

  11. Creepy. Nobody put a hex on you did they? I’d be the girl who’d go straight to church — I’m all superstitious like that.

  12. I am not at all religious, but a little superstitious, and I have to say. The numbers 666

    Sorry, looks like this may be your last post. I’ll check in tomorrow to see.

  13. I think your car needs an exorcist, which nowadays is as expensive as a good auto mechanic.

  14. Ha ha ha! That is so crazy….I would definitely be extra careful – just in case!

  15. That is a little freaky. I personally would be acting pretty possessed if I had 666 items in my feeder – I start to ge heart palpitations if there are more than 100!

  16. Weird… I mean, I know we all joke that our children are the spawn of satan…. looks like in your case it might be true! *wink*

    But seriously, that’s pretty freaky…

  17. As Kathy Bates’ character remarked in that classic movie “The Water Boy,” it’s “da DE-bil!”

  18. Quick, get a cross. Does it burn your fingers?

  19. Good grief that’s a lot of posts to read

  20. Yes. Yes, he is.

  21. Don’t these things come in threes? No concern yet, but if someone blows smoke out their ass and it forms 666, you might try a bomb shelter or something.

  22. It’s an omen. Perhaps punishment for letting your feed reader get backed up.

  23. New posty fun stuff!

    I was just talking to O’s dad about the same thing. All my daycare reimbursement checks are bound and determined to end in 6.66. The first two numbers might change, but the last three digits are always 6.66.

  24. Oh, and I recently had 666 txt messages on my phone. I cleared a bunch out and then I went crazy and txted Google a bunch for phone numbers and ended up with 666 again.

    Now I’m scared.

  25. You’re all about the number of the beast today. Oh, and damn, that’s a great Maiden album.

  26. Maybe the Devil is trying to pick you up.

  27. The devil is telling you to subscribe to my shared items list in Google Reader, I’m pretty sure.

  28. This explains why it takes you three days to read my latest post. You’ll never get the song of the day if you have 666 posts to read.

  29. Let us not forget my phone number, which you dial with relative frequency. It too has 666. And my name does begin with DEV…

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