Two Birds, One Stone

chocolate milkChocolate Milk.

It’s perfect. I get my chocolate fix AND calcium. It is brilliant.

To bad it doesn’t have more caffeine.

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  1. Chocolate milk is pretty close to perfect. But add a couple shots of Malibu Rum to aforementioned glass of chocolate milk? HEAVENLY!!

  2. 12 oz. every morning for breakfast! It’s my slim-slow!

  3. warm with marshmallows. delish.

  4. Fat-free chocolate milk was my “dessert” for many years until I realized I was lactose-intolerant. Total bummer!!!

  5. I love chocolate milk. I don’t like regular milk, but I like chocolate milk.

  6. Try the Mocha Joe from Burger King. Chocolate, milk, ice and coffee. Tasty and cheap.

  7. You need to stick some liquidised broccoli and beef in there too and you have all your food groups covered.

  8. Just add coffee as well, for a mocha fix!

  9. Iced mocha…chocolate, milk and caffiene. Oh…and a buttload of calories.

  10. Maybe you need to add a shot of espresso as well!

  11. Drop a few No-Doz in there, problem solved! I still love chocolate milk too.

  12. A generous squeeze of Hershey’s syrup is the ONLY way I am getting my calcium. Have you tried plain rice milk? UGH! So chocolate (rice) milk it is! And when it is time for me to start drinking cow’s milk again? I am so going to miss the chocolate…

  13. Stephanie says:

    Its so funny that you posted this b/c last night I was on the same exact thought train… Being pregnant I need milk and I needed a sweet fix….. VOILA!!

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