Fess Up – Garage Bands

This may come as a shock to exactly nobody, but when I was in high school I was in a garage band. (Well, technically I was in several but since I almost always had the same drummer it was mostly just that one garage – so garage bands?)

My band was called Culture Clash (Sarah blushes and winces at the same time). We called ourselves that

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  1. Never in a garage band, but I play in our church band, which is affectionately called Ten Boom. I play keyboard and sing background vocals (although I was pleased to sing lead on “Talk of the Town” by the Pretenders this past Sunday).

  2. Funny. They only name I remember is Culture Clash too. Could the others have been *that* bad that I blocked them out too? Or are we just getting old? Both?

  3. I was never in a band. (Picture me wearing a goofy trucker hat and crying, like Ricky on Project Runway, as I say that.)

  4. Drummer – Lever Lake Boys

  5. my high school boyfriend was the drummer in our school’s most popular garage band–funny, i spent more time with those guys than i did in class, but i can’t remember the name. they all wore black nail polish, if that helps. as for myself, i played the piano in our jazz ensemble, and sometimes i would sing with the garage band. mostly cover songs of hole or bush.

    *dies from the shame*

  6. Marching band … check (I played the clarinet).

    Garage band … check. Bass and our name was “Suite Pointz” (long dumb story).

    I actually asked a similar question on my blog today!

  7. I dated a drummer. My brother’s a drummer. His daughters are drummers-in-training. Me? Not so much.

  8. Mom at Work says:

    I played 1st chair, 2nd violin in an elementary or middle school string orchestra. The orchestra lady kept telling me I was good enough to bump some of the 1st violins, but who wants to sit in the 2nd row when I can sit in the 1st row?

    I am certain that (1) this may win the geek award hands down and (2) I could not play even twinkle twinkle little star now, even if you dared me.

  9. Yes I was in a band, played lead guitar and we were called, no lie, The Travelers… don’t ask where the name came from, I either don’t remember or am supressing the memory.

    My bet is on supression…

  10. After college I took the Christmas bonus from my first real job and bought a drum kit. I played in two different “bands” that never got past the rehearsal space, and never actually had names. I can’t imagine ever making it on stage — I have serious stage fright. But the guitarist from the second “band” actually went on to put out a CD on Teenbeat Records, called Hey, Sugar, under the name Bossanova, which I randomly ended up reviewing.

    I also played joined the high school band as a junior and learned to play percussion (very poorly, I might add) because I needed either an art or music credit to graduate and the art teacher was a pervert.

  11. Personally, I was never IN a band…But I’ve dated only guys in bands pretty much until I got married…So is it safe to say, I had the band IN me?

    Gah! I just can’t believe I wrote that.

  12. Nope. I wasn’t in a band, though I played four different instruments. I can’t sing worth a lick either. Best I can do is tell you that my 6th grade reading group was called the Mixed Nuts.

  13. I played a mean Hot Potato on the recorder in 2nd grade. Sadly, I am not alone in this as I think every child who’s been in the public education system has played the recorder at some point. We have probably 4 recorders around here somewhere. They’re hidden from the kids. Whew.

    I had a crush on a boy in a band named Malignancy. Oh those boys were deelish. I look back at the pictures and just about die. I would never think that look was hot now. Oh to be a teenager again. Now I have to find photos. Great. Another day shot doing absolutely nothing constructive. Awesome.

  14. Unfortunately I lack all musical talent. So, no bands for me. Although, when I was younger I lived down the street from a garage band that one day became HUGE. I remember my brothers and friends and I sitting in front of the house on our skateboards and being mesmerized by their music.

    The band was SUBLIME.

  15. JamesMommy says:

    Are you kiddin’? I was kicked out of piano lessons after 2 years. I think I was in the 5th grade. Sigh.

  16. High school band. I was one of those nerds. But I couldn’t play my flute and march at the same time, even though I was pretty good at both.

    The only garage-style band I was in was over Thanksgiving, when my brother-in-law showed up with the video game Rock Band. I played lead guitar for my brother’s band (he so inappropriately named Manluv) for a few hours. I sucked, so they kicked me out.

  17. While I lacked musical talent of any sort and couldn’t find a tune in a bucket, that did not stop me from singing backup in my brother’s garage band, Butcher’d. It was a lovely little death metal band where I would wear dog collars and yell about anti-establishment.


    I’m so proud.

  18. De in D.C. says:

    I was a total music nerd in HS. Clarinet for 10yrs, chorus, 3 musicals (bit parts though, and orchestra for one), and our school was too small to have a marching band, but we did have a “Pep Band” that played at home football games and pep rallies, and I was in that. I was also in IB Music (IB = similar to AP). I even played in my college band until I got pregnant. After the kid was born, I haven’t taken my clarinet out once. *sigh*

  19. Never in a band, don’t know how to play any instruments.

    Someday, I want to learn to play the piano.

    I was part of an imaginary band called Van Jokes (as a back up singer and accountant). It was a band that never really happened, but it was fun to talk like we would do something.

  20. Worse. i was a groupie/roadie for the Travel Agents. They stunk and so did their REM covers. They kept changing their name until people figured out they were the same lame band. I think they were lat “Who Shot Guy Smiley.” I had graduated HS by then. i was so much wiser.

  21. I played the flute for YEARS in elementary, junior high and high school. Both concert and marching bands.

    Wore the most ridiculous uniforms EVER in the world AND was in the Thanksgiving Day Parade a few times (man, was that COLD).

    I just picked up the flute again. I actually missed playing it. The shiny yellow and blue uniforms with the blue stetson and yellow feather? Not so much.

  22. Why yes, I sang professionally in several bands. Some I also played guitar and/or drums. Oh wait, I think I was dreaming about that when I was in hgh school. If I could carry a tune, I would have sang. If I could have gotten my hands to work together, I may have played an instrument. But, like ~JJ, I just dated band guys. I wish I could remember some of those witty names, but I think I’m also a victim of supression!

  23. I played the flute in my Jr High School Band (Go El Portel Panters!). I abandoned band in high school because it was uber uncool and it interfered with my sports (chasing boys, basketball and softball)
    Oh, did I say chasing boys? I meant Cross Country.

  24. I’m musically challenged! My grandfather was a highschool music teacher. Because he forced my mother to not only play the cello, but also haul it on a city bus daily, she had an aversion to making her kids play any instrument. So no bands for me. Although in 1982 I did a mean air guitar in my friend’s basement to AC/DC’s You shook me all night long!

  25. I was a total music geek. Went to a special music high school and played the trombone. I was in a terrible latin american band at one point who used to play these underground spanish bars, but really did more classical stuff. I can’t remember what that latin american band was called but I do remember we wore the most dreadful outfits that were shiny and bright purple.

  26. Never in a band, but I had a drum set. Does that make me a drummer?

  27. I played keyboards in Mee, Himm and Themm – ya we spelled it like that ’cause we were KEWL!

  28. Despite my years of music lessons, there was never much calling for a flute in the garage bands I knew.

    I never even dated anyone in a garage band. Great. Now I feel like a huge dork.

  29. I was a total garage band wanne-be (and still am!). I once got to sing back up in my friend’s garage band (for two songs!)and loved it!!!

  30. I was in several bands. The names escape me though.

  31. You know my band name – Rude Cactus!

  32. I played the flute for one year in the school band. I dated guys in cool bands though. Can I just list the names of their bands and pretend to be cool? Here we go…Misconception, Flying Gurnard; Stone Diam (say it out loud if you don’t get that one) and I know there were others but I can’t remember…I think I am getting old or something.

  33. Crap…I totally meant to write “and this one time at band camp…” in my comment above right after where I wrote the part about me playing the flute. Now it is just lame. Sorry!

  34. Violin, and 1st Chair Clarinet + Marching band for Octorara High School. We took first in 97% of our parades. We were awesome.

    If you’re looking to start a new band, I am an avid spoon player. It’s my favorite pastime.

  35. I was never, ever in a band, but I am currently taking drum lessons.

    Obviously, I’m going through some sort of mid-life crisis. (Don’t laugh too hard.)

  36. I don’t know if this is geeky enough to fit your category. At the time, I thought I was radical. In the late seventies in high school, I played tuba. And I rode a motorcycle. At the time, girls usually played the “cute” instruments like flute and clarinet. I sang and played piano, too, and both much better than I played tuba, but no one remembers me for that.

  37. I was a snare drummer in the marching band. I was also the assistant drum major.

    I looked damn good in the uniform too. Chicks dug me.

    Maybe you had to be there.

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