Mommy, Can I Play the Game of the Month Again?

What kind of moron teaches their children how to play Noggin’s Game of the Month on her own computer?

Yes I did.

And it is a Lazy Town game.Sportacus

Yes sir. I have learned my lesson for the day. If I hear that damn Lazy Town theme song one more time I am going to scream.

At least I didn’t teach them how to play it on my laptop.

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  1. Holy Crap, NOW you tell me….

    I taught Fa how to play “Noggin on the computer” a few months ago and I regret it ever since….

    We fight about THAT now too.

    Like, one more thing we do NOT need to argue over.

  2. We told A they don’t “make” Lazy Town anymore for the computer OR for the TV.

  3. that’s called a MUTE button.

  4. kelli in the mirror says:

    At least today is the 31st. You can say it was January’s game and that it’s all gone tomorrow.

  5. Learn from me…mommy’s laptop off limits. Old desktop computer in remote, soundproof office — have at it.

  6. Headphones. You’re not allowed to play on the computer in the office without headphones.

  7. My two year old’s favorite thing is the Yahoo Instant Messenger’s Audibles. He only had to hear them once and it was like the Pied Piper calling. Now if he even sees a happy face he tells me, “Make talk Mama.”

    The theme songs to kids shows sure can grate on one’s sanity, eh? I constantly have “Word World” running through my subconcious. BLECH!

  8. I’m soooo glad my pair haven’t gotten into that show. I watched it once and it gave me hives. They do love the Upside Down Show and iCarly.

  9. I made that mistake once. Took me forever to re-establish Mommy’s office as a WORK zone that is off-limits to children.

  10. I tell Gabriel that those games only work on Papa’s laptop. Btw, that picture is sooo ridiculous, it cracks me up!

  11. I showed Mia the Little Einsteins theme/intro in Japanese on YouTube the other day. Mistake. Big mistake.

  12. Cyber Chase. All the time for Jack now.

  13. I despise Lazy Town. Good thing I downloaded a pirate song from that show, and Alaina loves it to bits. Why do we torture ourselves?

  14. I showed my son the Noggin games on my laptop… because that’s the kind of idiot I am.

  15. Lazytown scares the bejeeezus out of me. We were in Iceland briefly last spring and the Icelandic love them some Lazytown. Seriously, thier scary visages were on products everywhere. And all of the sudden Bjork made way more sense.

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