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Answer Me This – Leap Day Pop Culture

1) What is the last movie you saw in a theater? Was it good? 2) What is your favorite tv show? 3) What is the last album you bought (or stole from the internet, or burned from a friend) that you loved?* 4) If you were in charge of People Magazine’s Sexiest Person Alive, who […]

Randomness Part 106

I installed a new flickr badge on my left sidebar and it just shows random pictures. Now I am obsessed with checking my own blog to see what photos come up. ___ Hey, you want to hear a funny word? Cocksmanship. ___ How I can’t get that freaking F*cking Matt Damon song out of my […]

Boxer Shorts

How do you convince a three year old that just because he is wearing boxer shorts that it does not automatically mean he has to play Wii boxing?* * His boxers aren’t actually John Deere boxers, they are just regular plaid, but this image was already on the computer and you know how lazy I […]

The Boy is Goofy Too

I know I’ve been mostly writing about Claudia’s antics lately, but she has been spouting out hilarious sayings. You can’t discount Ian though. Now that he has had his tonsils and adenoids removed it is much easier to understand what he is saying. And this is why it was very clear this morning when he […]

Does This Magnadoodle Say What I Think it Says?

Why They Don’t Let Me Out of the House Much

I stole this picture from Kristen’s flickr account. (And this was her first glass of wine. Originally uploaded by mommyneedsacocktail This is how I act when I get out to have a couple of drinks with the ladies. This particular gem features me and Stimey. So – who wants to come over if I throw […]

Not Your Average Pretend Shopping

Claudia was pretending to take her babies to the grocery store the other day. Gabe asked her what they were shopping for. She told him that she was going to buy her babies some stool softener. I think you all realize that I am not clever enough to make this up on my own. What […]

Randomness Part 105

Why do they refer to Comic Strips as “The Funnies”? They never make me laugh. NEVER. (Oh come on, somebody had to say it. You don’t know why you read them either.) __ Is it sad that Gabe and I sit around and watch the reruns of “Top Chef” reunions? I thought so too. __ […]

Another Reason Everybody Should Have Married Gabe

Besides the fact that 1) He’s pretty cute and 2) He’s got a great family I have yet another reason that everybody should have married Gabe. He will notice before you leave that you and the kids are on the way to a birthday party that doesn’t take place until tomorrow. feb 24 I’m an […]

More Ways to Search and Win

Besides being obsessed with search terms that bring people here, I also have a slight addiction to search engines where I can win stuff. Here is the new one I found yesterday: I don’t know why I love this stuff so much, but I do. Maybe it is because I won my iPod on Blingo, […]

Desperately Seeking Amazon Kindle

Do any of you work for I really want to check out The Kindle. It looks really cool. Can anybody hook me up?

Isn’t It Ironic?

I think I just re-injured my ribs coughing. I was coughing because I was choking. On my cough medicine. I am an idiot. Cough medicine isn’t for breathing. It is for drinking. That’s okay. I’d hate to ruin my four day streak of going to see a doctor every day this week. I think my […]