I’m Not Ignoring You

I’m just sick. Really, really sick.The_Young_Ones_Sick_Rick

Too sick to check my e-mails sick.

Too sick to watch the Super Bowl

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  1. JamesMommy says:

    Hope you all are feeling much better soon. And no need to reply :o)

  2. It must be going around b/c I came into work an hour late, dragging ass, and now I am leaving… 3 hours later… i need my bed, a trashy gossip magazine and a full day of ABC Soaps

  3. Hope you feel better.

    Great “The Young Ones” pic…

  4. I completely feel your pain. I hope you start feeling better soon.

  5. Get well soon. All of you.

  6. EW! Hate having Crud!
    Feel better soon!

  7. Too sick to watch the Super Bowl!! You must be on the verge of death!! Get well soon

  8. So sick you don’t realize the Super Bowl was two days ago! Very, very sick.

    Feel better. big hugs. Well, big CYBER hugs, ’cause I don’t want to get what you’ve got. mk

  9. Nice picture.

    Didn’t someone get nails hammered into their head in that episode?

    Maybe that will help.

  10. Dude. Really sorry.

  11. Ew. I think I gave it to you over email last week. It’s that dastardly.

    Just stay in bed.

  12. Been there, done it, it sucked, really, really sucked. Hope you are all doing better soon!

  13. Yuk. Hope you feel better soon.

  14. You didn’t watch the Superbowl? It may not be illness; it may be possession. Get an old priest and a young priest…

  15. OMG, The Young Ones! I always feel like they are some kind of deep dark secret and am always amazed when another fan is revealed.

    Re: the Super Bowl, you didn’t miss much.

  16. That’s no fun – feel better soon!

  17. Oh no! Feel better. My sister lives in the same general area as you do and both her and her daughter are sick. Fever, etc.

    Super Bowl sucked. 😉

  18. My, that’s a lovely picture.

  19. Holy crap the young ones!!! I love Vyvyan!!

    Feel better, I wouldn’t want to feel like him either.

  20. I’m sorry your sick, but thanks for entertaining me with that picture. It was one of my favorite episodes & I’ve had a bad day!

  21. are you sick or “bored, bored, bloody bored?”

  22. feel better soon!

  23. “I won’t be IGNOOOOOOORED, Sarah!”
    (Much funnier if read in a Glenn Close voice.)

  24. Sorry you’re sick. But sick sounds like a luxury right about now. I could use one good solid uninterrupted hour of sleep. so take advantage and work that Nyquil!

  25. Hope you and the family feel better soon! We got hit here, too, but I’m not “really, really sick”. I’m just sick enough to be annoyed by hyped-up-on-cold-meds children.

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