Randomness Part 103

My head is pounding so hard that I can hear my pulse. Both of the kids are home sick from school again. If you do the math that means my children have attended school for exactly one half day in the last three weeks. Instead of complaining about this (today anyway) I give you Randomness.

Is it just me or is Anne Rice way creepier since she found the lord?

Speaking of creepy (but this time I mean it in a good way) check outangry_looking_skull Skull-A-Day. It is exactly what it sounds like a new skull every day! (Thanks to Christina at Life in Omaha for the link).

Can’t we make Super Bowl Monday (the day after the Super Bowl) a national holiday? We could trade it in for Arbor Day or President’s Day or something.

Most of my readers (or at least the ones who comment) seem to have the middle name Jean.

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  1. Well…my daughter’s middle name is Jean. Does that count?

  2. My middle name? Jean.

  3. And my mother thought she was being so original.

    You had lots of Ann/e’s too.

  4. Jean? Really? I would have thought Ann or Marie. Huh. Hope everyone gets better quickly!

  5. I’m wearing jeans. Does that count? (Not really. Still in pj’s in The House of Sick.)

  6. What the hell happened to the vampires and blood sucking and sex..? I don’t like this Anne Rice. Well, I don’t know her…but I sure don’t like that website.

    Did you ever read Cry to Heaven?…Awesome.

  7. My middle names are Lynn and Mary – so that messes up the curve!? then again I’m new here so maybe it’s a new trend.

    Hope everyone gets better soon.

  8. Oddly, in my extended family, the most common middle name for girls is Marie. It actually makes my middle name rare (and it’s Ann) in the family. My (10 years younger) sister was the one who got the family middle name. And Marie is the middle name of both my grandmothers.

  9. Anne Rice is completely creepier since she found the lord.
    I’m so done with her.
    It’s the equivalent of my rock and rollers coming off of smack. I’m against it.

  10. I didn’t comment on the previous post, but my middle name is also Jean…how funny! Hope you all start feeling better soon.

  11. Super Bowl Monday really should be a national holiday.

    My middle name is Leah (pronounced Lee.) (I know, tell that to my parents.)

    And Anne Rice found the Lord?! I’m going to have to check out her link.

  12. Okay, Ann Rice… thank you for going and getting weird. Some people thought the vampire books were scary. No no, I find this MUCH creepier.

    My middle name is Lauren, because I’m not cool like everyone else.

    I hope those kids of yours feel better soon! =)

  13. Well, Jean IS the best name.

  14. Super Bowl Monday should be a holiday. Or have the game on Saturday.

    And the day after St. Patty’s Day should be a holiday too. Either that or make St. Patty’s day always fall on the 2nd Saturday of the month or something.

    Can you tell I like my drinkin’ holidays?

  15. Get better soon!

  16. yes

  17. Louis is where it’s at.

  18. Funny how on Anne Rice’s website, absolutely nowhere do you find ANY mention of her sado-masochistic erotica written under the pseudonym A.N. Roquelaure. Also missing are her s&m & erotic books written as Anne Rampling. Nowhere to be seen. Not on her “complete” listing of all books, chronologically. Not in her “defense” of her earlier writing, where she claims that her vampire novels were all about searching for Jesus. Nowhere.

    LOVE to see how she defends her s&m books as searching for Jesus.

  19. At my son’s high school, Super Bowl Monday was a day off, and called Hangover Monday.

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  1. […] I know. I can’t believe it either. I LOVE the Super Bowl. I love Super Bowl parties. I even had one planned. Ack! I even called my buddy Beth un-American for scheduling her twins birthday party during the game. In fact, I am still in favor of making Super Bowl Monday a national holiday. […]