Why I Didn’t Watch the Super Bowl

I don’t do this a lot, but I wanted to cross post my piece from BlogHer this morning. It explains in greater detail why I didn’t watch the Super Bowl this year.

Fear not. I have it on my DVR and I plan on watching the third and fourth quarters sometime this weekend.


I have a confession to make to you guys. Even though this year’s Super Bowl was the most watched game ever, with about 97.5 million viewers, I was not one of those people watching.

I know. I can’t believe it either. I LOVE the Super Bowl. I love Super Bowl parties. I even had one planned. Ack! I even called my buddy Beth un-American for scheduling her twins birthday party during the game. In fact, I am still in favor of making Super Bowl Monday a national holiday.

So you probably want to know what earth shattering event caused me to miss the big game.

Well, first my husband got sick. He was so sick that on Sunday morning I contacted all of the people that were supposed to come over for the party and I told them it was off. There obviously no way he would be in any shape to have anyone over. At about 2:00 I went to the store to get him some orange juice and soup.

By the time I got home from the grocery store I felt so bad that I had to lay on the floor for an hour. By six o’clock my eyeballs hurt individually.

You know what I think happened? I think I kissed that boy and got cooties.

So here I am with cooties or the plague or bird flu or whatever you want to call it, and the Super Bowl is starting, and as much as I love the NFL and the Super Bowl and the commercials, I just can’t bring myself to care.

Oh, I tried anyway. I even opened (read as, opened and didn’t actuallyLombardi_Super_Bowl_trophy drink) a beer in the spirit of things.

By 8:00 (somewhere after the two minute warning to end the first half and Tom Petty and his halftime show) I just gave up. I hit “record” on my DVR and I went to bed.

I am so ashamed.

Of course the underdogs won in an exciting comeback in the last minute, and from what I understand even the half-time show was worth watching this year.

Fortunately for you, me, the NFL, FOX and all of the advertisers some people (like I said before, about 97 million of them) did watch the game.

Amie from Mamma Loves live blogged the commercials (starting here).

Heather from No Pasa Nada gloated.

And Kay – well, she credits the New York Win to her troll and super natural powers. You never know.

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  1. Yeah, I feel your pain. One year I had to cancel my New Years Eve Party. It was a pathetic household and I was the only one well. Hope you enjoy the taped version…probably a fun way to enjoy. Feel better!

  2. Sorry you were so sick. I hope the cooties are clearing out of the Casa de Goon Squad.

    The last two quarters are definitely worth watching.

  3. Don’t feel bad! As much as I hate “sports” and I do. I watched it until Belichick threw the red flag in for that penilty call on the 12 man rule!I knew we were done then. Yes PEOPLE I LIVE IN NEW HAMPSHIRE!! MY SON IS A DIE HARD PATS FAN! Or should I say FAN-ATIC… YEP YEP YEP. anywhoooo as I was saying Brady spent more time on his ass in the 1st half of that game then he did in the previous 18! I am glad I wasn’t him. If I was I would of taken a baseball bat into the locker room at halftime and hit each one of them in the head for everytime they didn’t keep the Giants from knocking me on my ass! :) its a good thing I am not a “sports” fan HUH haha

  4. oh wow, you two must have been really sick!!! I hope you are all feeling better. I know how much you love a good game!

  5. I am ashamed to know you both.
    I am not sure we can still hang….
    I am consulting my Lombardi Trophy Magic 8 Ball…..

  6. Oh no, sorry you were so sick! I’m starting to feel that way myself…cooties is it?

    Hope you’re feeling better!

  7. Frank Sucks says:

    Just couldn’t stand seeing the G-men win huh? At least you can say the Yuks lost to the Super Bowl Champs….

  8. Next time you need to wear a mask for a few days before the Superbowl so you won’t be exposed to any of those nasty little virus thingys. So sorry you got sick!

    I know I had an un-american birthday party – but the parents scored because they got to watch the game while their kids played and were fed (drop off party). My poor husband and one other father had to be at the party – so they took a reallllly long time at the pizza parlor – that happened to have a TV – and smelled from beer by the time they finally showed up with the pizza… But I did not expect anything less:-) Next year I am checking the superbowl schedule!!!

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