A Parallel

I think I am finally getting over this damn flu. But you know what I was thinking?

Having the flu was a lot like being pregnant. Behold:

1) Both times I threw up a lot.

2) Both times I felt hungover, but I wasn’t drinking.

3) Both times I thought I might be dying.

4) Both times I got it from Gabe.

5) Both times all I wanted to drink was very very cold water and coke. (not at the same time)

The biggest difference?

This time the kids were kicking me from the outside.

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  1. “Both times I got it from Gabe.” *snort* awesome.

  2. Ah, the kicking. Glad you’re feeling better.

  3. Biggest difference — no one has any reason to buy you cute onsies or a diaper genie. Glad you’re on the mend.

  4. My husband is getting over the flu or whatever he has. I can’t wait for him to stop hacking in my face in bed. But hope you get better fast casuing the flu sucks! COKE OR PEPSI Is the best when you are ill! My mom used to give it to me when I was a baby!

  5. I crave Ginger Ale when I’m sick – and when I was pregnant – did they even have ginger ale that long ago!?

    glad you are feeling better – Moms are never really allowed to be fully out of comission.

  6. I agree w/Heather. #4 made me snort my tea.

  7. Oh, the kicking! I can’t imagine with twins…my little girl was enough to knock me over sometimes. I know I’m weird, but I actually liked the kicking. The painful ones were obnoxious, but I loved knowing exactly where she was and what she was doing. (Learning kick-boxing and some really awesome dance moves, obviously) There’s nothing quite like getting kicked from the inside, and sometimes I miss that feeling.

    I’m glad you’re feeling better!

  8. That sounds so accurate!

  9. Got it from Gabe!

  10. Girl!! You crack me up. That’s some funny stuff.

  11. Is it possible to get the flu from reading blogs? Because if it did…and if yours started out with a sore throat…I totally caught your funk. >:( I’m gonna kick your butt for that, woman.

  12. Um, maybe you should wear a mask around Gabe? 😉 Feel better babe.

  13. wow sarah was this the real deal flu? i had the flu once and i really thought i was dying. ouch. horrible. well i have always gotten a flu shot since…and it’s worked so far.

  14. Oh my — the last time I got the flu, I realized this unpleasant fact while on my morning run. Staggeringly, I threw up all over somebody’s yard! Oh my God. The big question was why I embarked upon the four mile run, at all, and the answer would be that my brain and body are frequently NOT connected. Feel better. They kick when you’re down but probably good for a cuddle, too.

  15. good you still have an awesome sense of humour. LOL .
    Glad you over it.

  16. Hey, at least you can be done with the flu without major abdominal surgery following six weeks in the hospital.

  17. HaHaHaHa….I’m so sorry and am glad that you are feeling better but…..HaHaHaHa……you are so darn funny…..HaHaHaHa

  18. hahah. and which kicking did you prefer?? 😉

  19. Classic. The parallels are uncanny.

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