Sure, Whatever You Say

Here is how Claudia was telling off her brother earlier:

“All of my babies are going to poop in the potty today! IN NEW JERSEY!”

Burn him.

I guess.

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  1. Boy, and NJ was just starting to get rid of the smell, too. But hey, at least it’s organic.


    Well no one there will notice, it already smells and looks like shit..

  3. That is HARSH.

  4. Dude!! She’s dropping the NJ already??

  5. That’s harsh. I think.

    Happy V Day!

  6. I’m totally going to start ending all of my slams with, “In New Jersey!” It adds a whole new layer to a put-down.

  7. And did Brother shrink back in fear?

    Hey, she could have said, “In Cleveland!”

  8. I’m not sure why – but that’s the funniest quote I’ve read in a long, long time.

  9. I’m just curious how she figures she’ll get to New Jersey with all of her babies today.

  10. Well, that’ll tell HIM.

    And his response was….????

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