Why They Don’t Let Me Out of the House Much

I stole this picture from Kristen’s flickr account.

(And this was her first glass of wine. Originally uploaded by mommyneedsacocktail

This is how I act when I get out to have a couple of drinks with the ladies. This particular gem features me and Stimey.

So – who wants to come over if I throw the next Mommy Needs a Cocktail Party?

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  1. Mom at Work says:


  2. ME!!!!!

  3. Oh! I do! I do! You ladies would be a blast to hang out with.

  4. ME!
    Oh, wait, I live far far away and don’t have kids. Boo. I’d be there in spirit! *nods*

  5. me me me

    dang, I need to start a travel fund or something.

  6. Anytime!

  7. ME! ME! ME!!!!!!

  8. I’m there!

  9. By the way, I’ve been looking for 40-A bras as an experiment, but no such luck.

  10. Even though I don’t have kids, can I still come? You know, because people who are moving to northern Virginia to stalk a long time friend and start a new job needs beer too.

  11. ha, ha!! love it

  12. That picture doesn’t surprise me at all. Why? Because I still have this one:


  13. Um. Dude. YEAH~ I’ll come early. Like the day before. You know, to help you set-up.

  14. Me! I’ll even drive MAW’s drunk ass home. Unless, of course, you hold the party after August, in which case she’s driving my drunk ass home. Again.

  15. You wacky chicks! Sorry I missed it!

  16. I do, I do, I do!

  17. Your time was well spent entertaining me.

  18. If I lived closer, I would come. But I don’t. Darn!

  19. Count me in. If I come over after work, I’m halfway there (since ‘home’ is Howard County). And between work, the angel babies, I certainly need a cocktail.

  20. Meeeeee!

    Oh..did that come off as a bit needy?

  21. Only if I don’t have to drive you home, wake up Gabe and then have us both persuade you not to sleep on your front lawn.

    Oh wait, you said it would be at your house? Fine then. You drive me home, wake up Pete and both of your persuade me not to sleep on my lawn.


  22. Dude, I’m only coming if it is a Mommy Needs a Beer party………..

  23. I am so in.

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