The Boy is Goofy Too

I know I’ve been mostly writing about Claudia’s antics lately, but she has been spouting out hilarious sayings.

You can’t discount Ian though. Now that he has had his tonsils and adenoids removed it is much easier to understand what he is saying.

And this is why it was very clear this morning when he told his preschool teacher “I have a very cute butt. “

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  1. This morning Jack told me he didn’t like to use the bathroom after me because it smells contaminated. Like rotten garbage.

  2. TOO cute!!

  3. Did he show her is cute butt? ‘Cause that’s when you need to start worrying.

  4. It’s to have a dense of self. He clearly does.

  5. I agree with Lori. Tell him it’s fine to have good butt-esteem, just don’t reveal it in all of its glory!

  6. Well, he’s right.

  7. Aw! He’s modest too!

  8. I love that!!!

  9. HHMM, Where did you think he picked up that idea?

    Maybe you should quit complimenting his physique, next thing you know he going to be wanting to show the girls his cute parts…..

  10. If you’re proud of it, let it be known.

  11. That is awesome. I love it!

  12. Once, a friend’s 3-year-old informed me that he had a “GREAT p*nis”

  13. And what did she say back?

  14. Well, at least he doesn’t have low self-esteem!

  15. Awww. Ian! Such a funny boy. :) That’s adorable.

  16. False modesty is a terrible thing — it looks like he’s already dodged that bullet!

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