Boxer Shorts

How do you convince a three year old that just because he is wearing boxer shorts that it does not automatically mean he has to play Wii boxing?*


* His boxers aren’t actually John Deere boxers, they are just regular plaid, but this image was already on the computer and you know how lazy I am.

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  1. Can you suggest that wearing boxer shorts actually means he has to stand in a cardboard box all day?

  2. I can’t figure out how to convince my kid of ANYTHING, except maybe that candy is a good alternative to breakfast and it’s okay to jump off the couch as long as you don’t land on the cat when you do.

  3. I have no advice. I finally convinced Dawson to wear regular underpants. Before he wore them on his head. I have photo evidence.

  4. Smart kid, I like his angle – it works for me. But I am a sucker.

  5. Uhm, wearing boxer shorts automatically means you MUST play Guitar Hero. DUH!! Or is that just at my house…?

  6. I’m kind of amused that you had that picture on your computer already.

  7. Um, that’s a good question. I’m not even wearing boxers and I want to play Wii boxing. Even though I suck at it.

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