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You’re Going to Have to Be in Charge of the Thinking Part

I’m sleepy, jacked up on Robitussin PM (or whatever it is called) and about to go to bed, but before I do (and while my blog is still working) I have a question for you: If you were going to a panel discussion about blogging and I was sitting on the panel what do you […]

Another Contest: What the Hell is Sarah Reading #4

Since Geena won my last “What the Hell is Sarah” contest

BOSSY’S DC Tour Stop

This cast belongs to MammaLoves. I have a picture that looks just like this but you can see her beautiful smiling face in. She however, claims it is a picture of her ass. And yes, you can see her ass in it so since I don’t want her posting a picture of my ass on […]

What the Hell is Sarah Reading? Part 3: A Contest

I even have a prize this time. I will have a signed copy of Mommy Guilt signed by bothDevra Renner and Aviva Pflock (assuming I remember to ask Aviva at the J & J thing). Now, if you are not a Mommy do not worry. It applies to Daddies too. If you are not a […]

Is This Thing On?

If you guys can read this AND comment please holla.

Randomness Part 110

You know how I have trouble with punctuation? Here are 101 writing tips to help me out. (*tips hat to Death By Children*) While I was checking out the Psychoprogs blog I found the dance that I’m using for the BlogHer dance off this year. Since one of my dance partners will not be in […]

Technical Difficulties

We seem to be having problems with my server. I am afraid to do a real post because


I was at Safeway yesterday and I remembered that I needed shampoo. I don’t normally buy hair products at the grocery store but this was kind of an emergency. I had been using baby shampoo because that is all that was left in the shower. So I was browsing in the shampoo aisle when I […]

Crap Crap Crap Crap

Yes, I had Duke winning the whole thing. Thank Ozzy that this wasn’t my wine pool.

This Can’t Be Good

I’m no plumber, but this just doesn’t seem right. Photo Sharing by Photrade

Answer Me This – Favorite Quotes

1) What is your favorite movie quote? 2) What is your favorite song lyric? 3) Do you have a favorite political quote? If so, what is it? 4) Favorite personal quote and/or tagline. ___ One time I was playing Pictionary and my partner and I won an all play when he drew quotation marks and […]

How Does One Even DO Research if One Cannot Read?

This is Pat.