Today is My Lucky Day

Man, February sucked, huh? My family was sick all month. Seriously, the flu, pneumonia, costochondritis, sinusitis… I am so glad it is March.Calendar_march_2008

March 1st, 2008 – I am standing in my kitchen in front of the pantry just browsing. I know I want something to eat, but nothing looks that great.

That is when my doorbell rang. I almost didn’t answer it. I wasn’t expecting anybody and I was nervous that it was either Jehovah’s Witnesses or my crazy neighbor.

But joy of joys! It was a young angel bearing girl scout cookies.

I love March.

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  1. LOL!

  2. The girl scouts were in front of the post office this morning. It was fortunate for me that I had to run Ella to dance class and had no cash. Although they probably take debit cards now…

  3. That’s even better than the Publisher’s Clearing House people knocking on your door!

  4. Mmm, girl scout cookies. Tell me you got a bunch of Thin Mints and you’re keeping them in your freezer. Then tell me you bought me plane tickets to come visit the Thin Mints in your freezer.

  5. Girl Scout cookies have got to be the easiest thing ever to sell.

  6. Anyone bearing girl scout cookies is an angel in my book.

  7. That sounds like a promising start to the month!

  8. Mmmm I haven’t had girl scout cookies in AGES! And that is just so wrong.

  9. March is my birthday month and I throw a blog birthday party all month long, so even if it’s your UNbirthday, you are totally invited.

    Additionally, I ordered myself 6 boxes of thin mints which should arrive around my birthday making me quite happy.

    I might share a few with the kids, but probably I’ll hoarde them.

  10. Thin Mints? Samoas? Shortbreads? Why is the Tagalog not as lumpy as it used to be with peanut butter?

  11. I swear to God, if I don’t get a Samoa soon, I might just DIE! ACK!

  12. i love girl scout cookies. my brothers girls are in the scouts now….if i could just convince them to sell those darn cookies year rounds….I love me some thin mints.

  13. I think it’s really cool that you get Girl Scouts at your door in March. We get them in the fall.

  14. That is great timing. Hey, where are my Girl Scout cookies? I know I ordered some. Maybe they’ll show up tomorrow at snack time. Please send some of your lucky vibes my way.

  15. That ROCKS!

  16. Happy March!

    We have Thin Mints, Thin Mints, and then more Thin Mints. I saw a little brown uniform go by and was tempted to follow her – “Hey kid, got Thin Mints”

  17. Okay, maybe I’m just being dumb, but why is there an “m” and an “e” instead of a 28th and 31st on your calendar? It is because March is all about you? If so, why are the ME days so late in the month?

  18. Today was a great March day! We even got some kite flying in. I overheard some people at this Hallmark the other day talking about how the Safeway wouldn’t let the girl scouts sit in front of their store because they had too many carts. The girls were sad.

    How’s potty training going? Mine loves to go potty in every single place we go..ick. :-)

  19. Oh yes. 3 neighbors and 2 nieces and of course I had to order from ALL of them.

  20. Lumpyhead, you stole my comment.

    I keep looking for the girl scouts at Krogers, but they are hiding from me. I guess it’s better anyway. I’m definitely not fitting into my skinny jeans these days.

  21. Uh, I meant LumpyheadsMOM stole my comment.

  22. I’ve been “accidentally” bumping into the GS kids at the entry to my grocery store and feeling guilty if I don’t “help them out” by buying some of the new delicious lemon cookies.

  23. Hey… if you want Girl Scout cookies, I’ll bring some to happy hour on friday!

  24. Happy March. Hope it’s a better month for you. With the arrival of the coveted Girl Scout Cookies, I’m sure it will be. We got six boxes already.

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