Beep Beep Beep Moonlight Sonata and The Search Term of the Week

It is time for another episode of: Strange Search Terms that Bring People to My Blog

Such as:

beep beep beep Moonlight Sonata

butt emoticon

body acne pictures

perfect pelvis

“pooped in her” – I don’t even want to know if they meant that or not.

And with questions, like:

Who sang with Milli Vanilli at Six Flags?

pt has pneumonia should he be coughing stuff up?

Who shot Guy Smiley?

And the winner of best search term of the week goes to the freak show that searched for:

zac efron naked showing doodle and tits

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  1. I think the “beep beep beep moonlight sonata” is a Beethoven’s Wig search. Moonlight Sonata turned into a song about cars sitting at a traffic light.

  2. “Who sang with Milli Vanilli at Six Flags?”

    Rick Springfield…right?

    Was that the contest?

  3. I’m just wondering who figures that Zac Efron has breasts??

  4. I just think that the fact that they chose the euphamism “doodle” says a lot about whoever searched that.

  5. Damn. I’m busted. Can’t a girl get her kicks by taking a peek at Zac’s tits? Why you gotta judge me?

  6. I’ve seen people do this sort of thing on their blog before…but they have NEVER been this funny! Thanks for cheering this non-morning person up this morning.

  7. I love it when people ask google questions. It’s like something my crazy grandma does. My crazy grandma, who thinks that google is a person. She’ll say “I don’t know why HE sent me those websites. That’s not what I was looking for at all!” And ….. there’s really no point to this story.

  8. So, who has the perfect pelvis?

  9. People are weird. Of course, I, along with millions of people, have see Zac’s supposed girlfriend’s tits.

  10. Doesn’t singing “with Milli Vanilli” imply that they are actually singing? That link should lead nowhere.

    Meanwhile, “perfect pelvis” should lead to my site

  11. First I thought Merseydotes was talking about this song, and I was like, “Wait, that’s not Moonlight Sonata.” Then I clicked her link and confirmed that I’m an idiot.

    Never mind.

  12. The search terms are amusing. So are the comments on the search terms.

    And why should I care about Zac Efron’s “doodle” anyway?

  13. Someone shot Guy Smiley???

    Grover will be devastated.

  14. recently we’ve had a lot of hits with “Mom’s got bobs” Although this is the one that left me wondering “WTF”:

    “work work work all day long crack it up back it up bring it on home”

  15. Who’s looking for a butt emoticon? And do you have one? ‘Cause I could use it.

  16. Hilarious and such amazing search terms –
    I do know a butt emoticon – doing the ‘moon’

    I am on blogger so how do I find out the search terms I am so curious ?

    My Little Drummer boys

  17. What this? I didn’t know Guy Smiley was shot…

  18. I’m all over seeing Zac’s doodle even if I’m old enough to be his mother!

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