Sometimes It Takes a Fresh Eye

We use Pamper’s Kandoo’s all of the time. You know – those flushable wipes that you use for potty training.

I see them all the time.

That is why I laughed so hard when Melissa pointed this out.

In fact, I laughed so hard that I cried.

My favorite part is that he is thinking about throwing the wipe in the toilet.

I still have the sense of humor as a 12 year old boy.

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  1. I don’t get it :-(

  2. I’m glad I’m the the first one to say “I don’t get it”.

    I’m a little immature sometimes, also, but what’s so funny?

  3. You people are telling me that you don’t think a frog wiping his ass is hilarious?


  4. I didn’t get it either. Sorry, Sarah.

  5. I think you need some adult time, Sarah.

  6. Does the package specifically say you can buy this work of art at Phototrade? That’s the part that made me laugh – and I feel kind of crazy because I’ve laughed at that packaging in the store before. I just don’t understand why this large unidentified amphibian is so happy.

  7. Man, I SO need to get our frog potty trained.

  8. I don’t get it either. :(

  9. I must be 12. Because I think it’s funny. Maybe they’ll put the frog picking his nose on a box of tissues …

  10. Uh, a frog wiping his ass… So? Not funny, sorry.

  11. I didn’t get it either. But after I read the explanation….it’s effing hilarious. We’re using those too. I hadn’t noticed the frog wiping his butt. At first, I thought that you were saying they weren’t flushable…..i was WAY confused.

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