Brad Pitt + Hairy Crotch = Search Term of the Week

No, seriously. Someone actually searched Brad Pitt + Hairy Crotch which puts a very specific picture in my mind and it isn’t the pleasant picture you would think would be.

Since I know you all wait breathlessly by your Google Reader to see how the perverts, weirdos and misguided searchers ended up reading about my kids and their bowel issues, here goes:

All that you need to know about mason jars

all of it?

for sore hips funny get well card
Whatever, Yoda. Just get a regular funny get well card.

poops on flower are you sure this is what you want to do?
Wha? I’m not sure of how you would even go about pooping on a flower. You’d have to either be really small, have a very large flower, or have fantastic aim.

Photo of DJ Lance Rock not in costume
I looked, I really did. I couldn’t find anything not in costume. But I did find this:


Here is a question I can actually answer:

How can people take pictures when they are drunk? I say, like this.

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  1. Ages from now future civilizations will come across archives of search terms and will say – WTF!?

    loved your drunk photos

  2. I loved your drunk photos too – I did not particularly love the thought of Brad Pitt’s hairy crotch.

    I do have a dog who has pooped on a flower – his aim isn’t particularly spectacular.. I think we just got lucky.

  3. sarah – check out this page, I’m not sure if it’s really him but it looks legit. looks like the person who has the blog works on the show or something, I don’t know. I know nothing, I just like to find things on the web.I’m lame. It’s my gift to the world. My lameness that is.

  4. See? I have way too much time for this stuff. That’s not true. I just need a nap and though I’d check blogs before laying down. Now my nap time is almost gone.Sigh.

  5. If Brad needs shaved, I’d be happy to help him out.

  6. Funny. Brad always struck me as the kind of guy who waxed.

  7. Maybe they meant pooping on flour & just spelled it wrong?

  8. I think I startled my husband with laughing so much at the pooping on flower one. It just tickled me so much that I laughed really loudly for at least 30 seconds (probably closer to a minute).

    Thanks for the laugh.

  9. I heard that Brad is one of those guys who is a big believer in the idea that regular human smell is sexier, better, more appealing, to women than soap or deoderant. (Wrong.) As a result, I understand he showers maybe once a week. (Yuck.)

    For this reason, among others, I am not going anywhere near Brad’s questionable crotch.

  10. I looked at mine today…
    horse dick blog

    I have NO idea why.

  11. I LOVE DJ Lance Rock!! If you find that photo- send to me!

  12. I LOVE DJ Lance Rock!! Nobody ever types in weird stuff and gets to me. I’ve looked!

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