I Never Thought I Would Say These Words in this Order

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  1. And we have telescoping forks why?

  2. You never thought you would say that? I say that every day – sometimes twice…

  3. Note to self:Send mom thank you email for keeping her crappy old couch.

  4. I don’t think I’ve ever even seen telescoping forks. I’ve lead a sheltered life.

  5. I have the “things I never thought I’d say” moment daily. Today’s was, “Are there cranberries in your diaper?”

  6. P.S. What order *did* you think you’d say ’em?

    “Scratch with leather, Grandma, we? Forks, not couch, do new telescoping.”

  7. sarah please send pics of their renovation!!!!

  8. How did you imagine you would say those words???

  9. See, I thought I’d never say, “I think I can see my penis in that post.”

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