She’s Got Diamonds on the Soles Of Her Shoes

The other day I thought I got a rock in my shoe.

It wouldn’t be blogworthy, except it happened in a public restroom. (In fact it happened in the restroom of the gas station near Gainesville where I got the free beer.) I couldn’t quite figure out how I got a rock in my tennis shoe when I was walking on linoleum, but whatever.

I tried to shake the “rock” out of my shoe and nothing happened.

Later I looked in the shoe and I didn’t see anything. I decided that it must just be the tag coming loose.

Later it was bugging me again and so I checked again. I saw a little silver dot. Was a staple or a nail coming out of my shoe?


A Chanel earring.

In my shoe. Poking my foot.

Someone is probably sad they lost this. I’m sad for it stabbed me in the foot and I’m happy it was easy to fix, but I am a little bit sad I don’t need a new pair of shoes.*


* My Mom has this great pair of Privos that I have been wearing and she won’t let me take them back home with me.

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  1. Stephanie says:

    OOOOO I have those shoes… but the brown ones… I (Heart) them lots, I totally recommend you run out and buy a pair or TWO!! I justify it by saying they are “good for your feet”!!

  2. Wait. You were in a gas station near Gainesville and you did not call me? WTF is up with that? I think my feelings are hurt. I live 3 minutes from an interstate exit for goodness sakes. Sniff.

  3. People say she’s crazy
    She got diamonds on the soles of her shoes
    Well that’s one way to lose these
    Walking blues
    Diamonds on the soles of her shoes

  4. Let’s recap.

    Girl Scout Cookies
    Free Beer
    Diamond earring

    no kitchen
    kid thinks I’m fat

    I DO have Girl Scout cookies, though, so SUCK IT, GSS.

    Wait, I guess I should be nicer to you since you’re bound to win the lottery next.

  5. It’s a modern day princess & the pea fairy tale.

  6. I guess I’ll forgive you for being that close & not visiting… I may just have to come to your house & bother you instead!

  7. Hey, I have those shoes (in green) but no high priced earrings ever get stuck in them!! Waaaaah.

  8. Whatcha gonna do with the earring?

  9. We’ll have to call you S-GO SQuo now since ur so jlo.

  10. It seems like there is a Britney Spears joke in there just dying to be made!

    I lurve Privo shoes!

  11. Um, you couldn’t find the other earring, eh? I guess you’ll have to pierce your nose to wear it. 😉

  12. I have those Privos in black. I love them.

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