The Aforementioned Telescoping Fork

Because you asked:

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  1. For a hungry person with very long arms, I guess?

  2. That is SO awesome.

    God, you could really scratch a leather sofa with that thing.

  3. Now THAT’ll come in hand for those extra-long buffet tables!

  4. Yeah, okay, I see it …but WHY? Why does this exist?

  5. Molly: I’d guess it would be for a hungry person with very short arms.

    Alton Brown uses one of those as his “pointer” in his tv show.

  6. For usage should one find themselves in an episode of Inspector Gadget.

  7. Stephanie says:

    OOOOOOO a Moocher’s fork…

  8. we have the same fork!

    my stepmom used it on some random man in a restaurant!

  9. Alton Brown uses one all the time! Admit it, you are in to him too.

  10. Very cool. And I forgot about seeing one on Good Eats, because it’s been a while since I’ve watched an episode.

    It would be good for fondue, I would imagine. Or maybe I’m just interested in eating food that is covered in either cheese or chocolate.

  11. It’s a [i]good[/i] telescoping fork.

    I would use it; my wife keeps a “stabbing fork” in her purse and this would totally put hers to shame.

  12. At first I just saw the first photo and I was like, “What’s so fancy about that fork?” And then I saw the second photo and involuntarily made a weird, joyous yelp.

    But I second Kimberly: why does this exist?

  13. Is that for feeding your neighbor?

  14. So it’s a back scratcher you can eat with.

  15. Just in case you need to steal the last ravioli from your spouse’s plate.

  16. I’m not sure what is weirder. This fork’s existence, or the fact that one of your commenter’s wife keeps a stabbing fork in her purse.

  17. i saw you mention this fork over at neil’s and had to come over and have a look, cuz i had no idea what it even was and now that i’ve seen it, i have no idea why anyone would even want it!

  18. So much easier to thwap your kids over the head when they’re misbehaving at the dinner table with that thing.

  19. Clearly invented by women so they could more easily swipe food from their husband’s/boyfriend’s plate.

  20. De in D.C. says:

    I wonder if it’s sturdy enough to support a hot dog roasting over a camp fire. We’ve lost many a hot dog on a stick that way.

  21. Has she had that for awhile? I’m thinking it looks vaguely familiar, but I’m wondering why it never seemed so sublimely ridiculous to me before.

  22. Dude, that is Most Hawsum.

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