The Pocketless Dilemma

Since we got iPhones a couple of weeks ago we decided that we should take out the batteries and the sim cards and give our old RAZRs to the kids. Gabe thought that the kids would love it, and boy howdy, he was right.

Who the hell says boy howdy?

Anyway, the kids went nuts. They had conference calls, they put the phones into their pockets, they went to the office and they told us which pictures they had on their phones.

And then they put the phones in into their pockets some more.

Rolling my eyes.

Later, we were getting ready for bathtime and Ian got very serious.

“Daddy, where do you put your phone when you are naked?”

He had no pockets. What is a naked boy to do with his phone?

Thankfully, Gabe had the perfect answer.

“Well, usually I just set it down somewhere.”

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  1. I think I know where Gabe really puts it.

  2. love it

  3. hey, *I* say “boy howdy”!

  4. Ha! That’s great! (I stole a wrist-band-thingy from my new camera and put it on my cell phone…you’d be amazed at how many problems that solves.) 😉

  5. I’m pretty sure there are some here in DC who don’t put it down–even when they’re naked.

  6. I would say that nobody likes to talk on the phone with naked people.

  7. This is the real reason I don’t have one of those video mobile phones. In case of naked phone calls.

  8. That is so cute! I love his answer too.

  9. I hope he put it in a zip lock (semi waterproof) before taking it into the bath. But please, don’t show us where a naked guy puts his phone.

  10. My kids have Razrs. They got them courtesy of Josh’s former co-workers giving them the dummy phones Wireless Connection (Walmart) used. :) They’ve got 3 phones each that way, XD. They prefer the Razrs, though. She’s got a pink one and he’s got a blue one :)

    *woo hoo*
    Another “Sarah” blogger :)

  11. Oh how I covet an iphone! Thank goodness I almost always have pockets!

  12. Ian has good thought processes. You can see how his logic works.

    My phone never goes anywhere near my tub, unless I’m expecting a phone call from my husband while I’m taking a bath. And it usually doesn’t even make it near the bathroom then. But then, I’m not a 3 year-old boy with a new phone to play with.

  13. Good thing us girls have pockets.

    (sorry, couldn’t resist)

  14. In my house, “somewhere” is the optimal word there.

  15. I always leave mine in places where I can’t find it.

  16. still insanely jealous!

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