Randomness Part 108

Every time I wear Dove deodorant I think “I smell like BlogHer 2007”.


On Monday I won $25 on Blingo. Seriously, I love March.


I think any humiliation my children will suffer when they are teenagers from the fact I blogged about their potty training will be offset by the joy they feel when I get packages in the mail from Nick Jr. A “Wonderpets” DVD can right a lot of wrongs.


I think it might be fair to say that this woman is The Boss’ #1 fan.

(From CNN.com) “An Australian woman pleaded guilty Thursday to fatally stabbing her boyfriend because he objected to her listening to Bruce Springsteen’s music.”


I found a great new blog (well, I found it on Petroville). It is called Blogtations and it is all (as you may have guessed) quotes from blogs.

With jacked up sentences like that last one it is no wonder I am not quoted on the site.

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  1. $25? Woo hoo, you’re buying!

  2. That is so funny. I have a perfume that I bought at Blogher last year (the only shopping I did) and every time I wear it, I think the same thing.

    We are too cool for school, I tell ya.

  3. When they’re teenagers those packages probably won’t be a hit if they’re the Wonderpets DVD’s. How about acne medication and a book called How to Irritate Your Parents, Because They Sure as Hell Irritate You.

  4. I think the same thing when I wear Dove deodorant, too. I guess their marketing worked, in some strange way.

    Thanks for guest posting for me today! (Go check her out, people!)

    OK, back to studying…

  5. BlogHer 2007 must have been exceptionally fresh-smelling. Christina’s right, the marketing must have worked, but now I’m not sure if I’m pro-Dove deoderant or pro-BlogHer.

  6. DUDE, that story totally creeps me out. The Boss’ biggest (and most unstable) fan, indeed. Yikes.

  7. Oh, the stabbing part makes me laugh. That boyfriend should read my tips! 😀 LOL

  8. After winning a year’s supply of the Dove, I always smell like BlogHer ’07 then. Have not had to buy any since BH. And, yes, I do use it everyday. I just got THAT MUCH.

    And when some horrible smell makes me gag,I always think of BH ’07. I think of the horrific (yet infamous) Death Cheese.

  9. Thanks for linking Blogtations! And congrats on the Blingo win. :)

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