The Worst Lie Ever

Me: Where is your shirt?

The Boy: I sneezed it off. Aaaaaaaaaaaah Chooooooooooo!

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  1. You have to admit it was creative though, LOL.

  2. I wonder if that could ever work. There is a cute boy sitting near me at work. I might go and wave pepper under his nose.

  3. Reminds of a “Calvin and Hobbes” strip.

  4. er…me….reminds me

  5. This kid is brilliant!

  6. One time I found a pair of pair of underwear hanging of my son’s ceiling fan and when I askedhim how it got up there he said he “tooted so hard that it flew up their all on it’s own”.


  7. Mom at Work says:

    Actually, the worst lie ever is:

    Did you poop in your pants?

  8. What? This isn’t possible? My kids have been pulling one over on me.

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