You know what I hate?

Diet and exercise.

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  1. I knew there was a reason I loved you.

  2. Big. Fat. Ditto.

  3. Me too. Especially when I’m dieting and exercising and the scale doesn’t budge.

  4. I hear you! The older I get the more I understand plastic surgery…although I wouldn’t ever do it…I do understand.

  5. Stupid healthy living.

  6. I feel ya. Not that I do either. But I definitely hate ’em.

  7. I hate scraping ice off the windshield early in the morning before work. Every morning, I have to fight myself not to just say, “F…k it!” and go back to bed.

  8. you are so skinny.
    know what i hate?
    (everyone who does not know Sarah, trust me, she’s skinny)
    or maybe I’m just THAT fat – and she just looks skinny next to me……….

  9. wow- why do you like my blog? I’m all about the gym. I just walked 10 miles this moring. I feel like ass but eeh… whatever. I freakin’ walked 10 miles!

  10. I actually like exercise. Just a little bit at a time.

  11. Exercise I can live with… A good diet?

    Hey are those Girl Scout cookies?!!!

  12. Diet and exercise are OK..in moderation. Girl scout cookies and sitting on the couch w/ the remote are also good.

  13. Exercise doesn’t bother me, except when I’m being lazy. But I’m not fond of diets.

    Of course, I occasionally order salads because I want them, so I may not be the best person to judge by.

  14. De in D.C. says:

    I like exercise – especially when it involves dancing. I don’t like when I don’t have time to exercise and then feel guilty for being a big blob.

  15. Totally with you.

  16. Can I get an A-MEN?

    Damn, I just got Dorito dust all over the keyboard.

  17. You know what I love? Pizza and beer.

  18. Word.

  19. Try 9 am personal trainer appointments after dinner at drinking at a wine bar. I really thought I was going to vomit doing squats this morning.

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