Bob Dole was the Doliest Bob (and other searches)

You know when I title a post “Bob Dole was the Doliest Bob” it must be time for the search term of the week!

after i get my adenoids out should i get my tounge pierced
Sure. Right after you explain to me what one has to do with the other.

benadryl for birds
Come on! They live outside.

music videos that have a death clock over peoples heads

pictures of a broken penis
Sorry about that, fellas.

My cat’s paws are stuck in glueMuno_yo_gabba_gabba
Sucks to be your cat.

Yo Gabba Dildo
You are thinking of Muno. (He’s tall and friendly.)

John Cusak’s dating
Nobody tell Bossy. She’ll be crushed.

Lolita farting

Just any auspicious thing?

scarlet johannason niples
Good spelling, Spellerson.

These last three were right in a row.

crotch torture 16:52
short freeballing blog 16:52
big booty drinking game 16:42

Stay tuned for next week when someone searches for “Spellerson” and having recently made up this word (well, Gabe uses it all the time, but since he doesn’t have a blog I am taking credit) I will be the ONLY hit. Sweet.

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  1. “Yo Gabba Dildo” is making me actually laugh out loud in my office. I hope no one hears me; I would really hate to have to explain.

    You had to put a picture up too, didn’t you?

  2. No “Spellerson” hits on Google yet. Keep trying!

  3. Son One likes to use the word “Smarticle” he has told me that “besticle” is not okay tho.

  4. He WAS the doliest bob.

  5. OK, I just googled spellerson for you – you are #1, but there were actually three…

  6. That’s like, 62 reasons why I’ll never be able to watch Yo Gabba Gabba, even if my daughter begs and pleads to watch it when she’s old enough.

    Why 62? Um. I counted. The knobbly bits. And each one was a knobbly little nail in the YGG coffin.

  7. I’m just DYING over Yo Gabba Dildo. And he’s even ribbed! For someone’s, uh, pleasure? I better stop now.

  8. We were just watchng Yo Gabba Gabba the other day and my husband goes “Everytime I look at that (Muno), I think it looks like a dildo.” I had never really paid attention.

  9. Can I say that Bob Dole was the Doliest Bob to ever Dole out laws…

    Sorry… I’ll leave now…

  10. This was mine this morning:
    women gets touch in her private part in a bathroom pictures

  11. I’m off to search Spellerson!

  12. I agree that I see no connection between the adenoids and getting the tongue pierced.

    And I had my adenoids taken out at 3.

  13. Birds can’t have allergies? That’s not snot on my driveway? Who knew…

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