If You Weren’t At the Caps Game Yesterday

If you weren’t at the Caps/Bruins game yesterday, not only did you miss a great ending (there was a shoot out and Semin and Kozlov scored winning goals for the home team) but you missed fleece helmet day!

Nancy and I totally rocked the hats, didn’t we?


We really should have asked someone else to take the picture. Whenever I take a picture of myself my head looks huge. Of course Nancy looks adorable.

We had a great time and drank some non-green beer.


If you look very carefully you can see the Capitals logo on my shirt.

You know, you would think a city that closed down half of its streets for a St. Patrick’s Day parade would at least have green beer at a hockey game. Come on! We played the Bruins. The Boston Bruins.

Speaking of beer, I would like to apologize to anyone who saw the picture of the twins’ sonogram yesterday and thought I was pregnant. I am not and I never plan on being in the future. We have had that surgically taken care of. YOU can have as many children as you want, but we’re sticking with two. When the twins were infants I had a recurring nightmare that I found out I was pregnant with triplets and we were going to have five children under the age of two.

Okay, this post is going nowhere. Tune in later when I make more sense.

Have a great St. Patrick’s Day everyone!

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  1. Awww HI NANCY! (She is SO nice, that woman!)

    Looks like you guys had fun. Wait what? You’re going to make sense later? Bwahahaha!

    *runs and hides*

  2. Princess and I arrived too late to get the fleece helmets, but we enjoyed the game nonetheless. I was kind of bummed that we didn’t get the giveaway, but I’ll gladly take a winning game even if it means no swag for me.

  3. You two are cute!

  4. Fleece helmets, FTW! (I keep forgetting what that actually stands for, but if I recall, it translates to “woot!”) And yay for hockey.

  5. Words escape me about the fleece helmets… one set of twins was enough for the wife and I as well… and Karen stole my line…

  6. Makes perfect sense to me. Well, except the parts about the beer, the sonogram, the surgery and the nightmare. But, everything else…I completely understand.

  7. I have always dreamed of a fleece helmet!

  8. Awwww! Wait, are you pilots? Very cute.

    And I’m giggling my ass off about people thinking you were pregnant with twins AGAIN. It could happen. It happened to my good friend a few years ago. 2 sets, yep…

  9. Man, I was inwardly laughing at how dorky all those other people looked in the fleece helmets yesterday. Good thing there was no mirror handy when we donned those things for the photo!

    Still, the fleece helmets were totally worth getting stuck in post-parade detours and traffic. Especially since I had such excellent company. Thanks for joining me!

  10. Great hats. And hey, Nancy is way cute. Happy St. Patrick’s Day.

  11. Fierce. Both of you.

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