How Does One Even DO Research if One Cannot Read?

This is Pat.

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  1. Would those Power Rangers accept a job on one of my prissy neighbors? Just curious.

  2. Better start saving up for college.

  3. I can’t wait until that book come out…

  4. Maddy goes to the moon every day, I think I missed her astronaut training while I was sleeping or something. Aren’t their imaginations wonderful? BTW, i love Ian’s book title. Do you think that he’d let me help him with the princesses?

  5. Did you put the periods outside the quote marks to see if I was paying attention?

  6. You just breed ’em brilliant. 😉

  7. and then you come back with ‘According to my research kids that can do research and write books are required to start cleaning their own damn rooms!’

    Can you guess the fight I am having today? With teens. Start em young, my friend, or you will end up as mad and bad tempered as me.

  8. Don’t argue with kid logic.

  9. My kids are really into death too right now. Only they keep talking about killing people with swords. Should I be worried?

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