Randomness Part 110

You know how I have trouble with punctuation? Here are 101 writing tips to help me out. (*tips hat to Death By Children*)

While I was checking out the Psychoprogs blog I found the dance that I’m using for the BlogHer dance off this year. Since one of my dance partners will not be in SF, Erin and I are going to need a third – and someone to be Daddy Cool.


Some fatherly advice… on why stage diving is so dangerous.


What ever happened to Emilio Estevez?


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  1. What does it take to be Daddy Cool? Can I audition?

  2. Wow, those backup dancers sure had some cool moves. I mean, the POINTING, it was hot.

  3. I was going to suggest that you draft Chris Carfi as Daddy Cool. But he broke something with those moves, Lisa would never forgive you.

    Do you still need a third?

  4. Estevez wrote and directed the very good film ‘Bobby’ a couple years back about the last hours of Robert Kennedy’s life.

    Other than that, no idea. Perhaps waiting for that call for “Mighty Ducks 5: The Revenge”?

  5. I was going to say – Emilio Estevez did the whole Bobby thing and I’ve heard really mixed reviews. But I want to see it.

    Use lots of dashes and “dot dot dots.” I like creative punctuation and I used to teach English. Of course I’ve forgotten just about everything since I gave birth.

    That Blingo man is really excited.

  6. Apparently, Emilio has been nibbling organic fruits and vegetables lately and “growing wine grapes.”


  7. If this shows up twice, it’s not my fault.

    Anyway …

    Apparently, Emilio is nibbling organic fruits and vegetables and “growing wine grapes.”


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