What the Hell is Sarah Reading? Part 3: A Contest

I even have a prize this time. I will have a signed copy of Mommy Guilt signed by bothDevra Renner and Aviva Pflock (assuming I remember to ask Aviva at the J & J thing).

Now, if you are not a Mommy do not worry. It applies to Daddies too. If you are not a parent it makes a great gift. If you don’t have any parent friends give it to someone as a wedding present to freak them out.


Warren will probably win this one too, but let’s give everyone one a fighting chance. The first commenter commentor commenteer comment leaver to get the correct title and author of the book I just finished wins the prize.

How simple is that?

(Assuming my server is working and I don’t get 50 angry e-mails because you can see it in my feed and you know the answer and you can’t comment – oh and sorry about the picture quality. I don’t know what is up with my Palm.)

One with the show:

Clue #1

what could it be?

Clue #2

I don't know

Clue #3:

some teethsome teeth

Hey, consider #3 a bonus. One for each eye.

I give up on trying to make it look right. Mommy needs a glass of wine. (Party tonight. Pictures tomorrow. You know, assuming my server is back to normal.)

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  1. duma key by Stephen King

  2. Duma Key, but I cheated. I looked on your GoodReads.com list

  3. Duma Key as they said…I cheated too, I remembered my husband reading a part of it to me so I asked him what he had been reading last week :)

  4. I want to know … do you read everything on your Palm? I feel like I would go cross-eyed in seconds.

  5. I didn’t know the answer (haven’t opened Duma Key yet, although it’s sitting on my shelf). But I don’t think it matters anyway because I am not a comment leaver. I am a commenteer. And that is how I will be identifying myself from now on.

    (By the way, you throw a great party! I had a great time!!!)

  6. Damn. I just found your blog and this post and I TOTALLY would have won because I just read that book. I have stuck with Stephen, even though I get mad at him when he kills off the main characters and the heroes – that’s why Dean Koontz has edged Stephen into second place in my “Authors I Love” list. He never kills the hero. (Have you read “Blaze”, by Richard Bachman a.k.a. Stephen King? Excellent.)

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