*read the following in a stage whisper*

Pssst! Hey! You guys! Do you want to see a really bad picture of me and Ted Allen?

I’m in New Jersey at the camp which cannot be named. (Well, it can’t be named on this site anyway. Hello, BlogHer ads!) For another day or so I’ll be talking about that over here.

Okay. Go you can back to whatever you were doing before. Carry on.

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  1. love the look on your face

  2. Oh hell, I thought it read TIM Allen.

  3. Frank Sucks says:

    You let you into Jersey?

  4. That’s a lovely picture…if you’re a gargoyle. I kid! I kid!

    Crap. Forgot to give you props to Danny Evans. Gotta go correct that! Now!

  5. The look on your face say, “Uh huh, dat’s right. Me and Ted Allen. Yo.”

  6. Did you ask him if he thinks that Rocco is a douchebag like all the viewers do?

    Because that’s what I would have done after I asked for Tall Guy’s phone number. Because he would totally have it, right?

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